Xbox Music already matching music


Windows 8 is likely being installed in its millions all over the world, and some cool announced features are already popping up.

One of them is Xbox Music, which it appears is already scanning libraries and matching them up with Microsoft’s library of 30 million songs.

Presumable if a user were to roam on another PC they will be able to stream their “matched” music library on the other device also, and for example also from an Xbox 360.

Other statuses include

  • Unmatched (available only here)
  • Matched (available here and in the XBOX Music Cloud for streaming to other devices.
  • Streaming Only (download here to listen offline)

The service so far does not seem to require a paid music pass, but then a number of hours of free streaming is included with very Windows 8 purchase.

Thanks Charles for the tip.

  • UncleFan

    LOL, if the matching requires the paid music pass, it’s worthless.

    • rruffman

      and who has music matching for free?

      • UncleFan

        iTunes is only $25 per YEAR and I think Amazon is even less than that. The whole reason I use services like that is because I’m too cheap to pay for Spotify. What would be the point of paying 10$/month or whatever to match songs you are entitled to stream anyway as part music pass service?

        • Jukoi

          So… $25 yearly is not paying?

          • UncleFan

            $25 yearly is $25 yearly. Are you dense? It’s also a whole lot cheaper than paying $10 per month.

          • Jukoi

            I’m not the one saying “the matching requires the paid music pass” and then going with “cheaper”. Tell me, with those $25 per year, do you get unlimited stream and download?

          • UncleFan

            It’s like arguing with a little kid. I don’t care about the “unlimited stream and download” of songs I don’t own, which is what you pay $10/month for with RDIO, Spotify or Xbox Music Pass. I just want to match and stream the songs I DO OWN.

          • Jukoi

            The sole purpose of the pass is to get music you don’t own, why on earth would I pay for something I already own? That’s what SkyDrive is for.
            If what other vendors offer suits you, great, stick with them. To me this service offers everything I want, combined.

          • UncleFan

            “The sole purpose of the pass is to get music you don’t own, why on earth would I pay for something I already own?” Exactly! My point from the beginning is that I don’t want to pay a big monthly fee to stream my own songs. I you read the original article again you’ll see that they make it sound like you *might* have to pay the monthly music pass just to get matching and streaming of your own songs.

          • Jukoi

            Nah, I prefer the xbox music site, it explains exactly what the pass does. The fee includes other services than simply storage and syncing (for cloud only MS is focusing on SkyDrive). So imo anyone wanting to do just that, is looking at the wrong service.

          • GGlazer

            It was a simple question. No reason to start insulting anyone. Debate the facts, don’t act like a child.

        • Eingoluq

          So by your previous comment, iTunes is worthless, because you are paying for it. And where did the $10 a month music match service come from? Isn’t it $10 for the pass where you stream music you don’t own? Which is fine my me if I get to stream music I do own as well. Is that the case? Am I missing something? Your logic is like watching water flow uphill… it’s confusing the hell out of me.

          • UncleFan

            No, my logic makes perfect sense: I’m willing to pay $25/year (or less) for matching and streaming of my own songs, because that’s all I need. I’m NOT willing to pay $10/month ($120/year) for streaming of ANY songs, mine or not. In other words, Xbox’s matching service is a useless feature to me, if I have to pay $10/month to get it!

          • MobilePowerUser

            It’s actually $99 per year and could be $8.3 per month if you paid yearly subscription.

    • Damaster –

      It doesn’t, at least for now.

      Besides the automatic matching, you can also manually match albums to an existing album in the Xbox Music library.

    • Omen1337

      Except Music matching doesn’t require a paid pass, I can stream my desktop music collection on my laptop, and I don’t pay for a subscription.

  • mike

    Where do I get Xbox Music for Windows 8? I can’t find it on my W8 nor in the app store.

    • john smith

      its just called music. its an orange tile

  • beatnik

    for the few “un-informed” I-fans below:

    I have my music matched just fine. and it streams to my Xbox’s even without having an xbox music pass (I have one but I tried it with my wifes account)

    so yes, streaming for free, not $$$ per year and not limited space (yes amazon “match” service has a limited song allowance before you have to pay)

    I’m wondering how you don’t have $100 a year to spend on music but you seem to have money to buy CD’s which means you are buying less then 10 a year? I’m guessing you are getting your music illegally, thanks for dragging down the economy man