Xbox Music And Xbox Video App Updated For Windows 8.1 Devices With New Features

Microsoft recently updated their Xbox Music and Xbox Video app for Windows 8.1 devices. Both these apps has got new features and improved experience with this update.

Xbox Music:

  • It’s now simpler to buy the albums and songs you want to keep forever. You can redeem Microsoft gift cards, too!
  • A brand new user experience makes it easier and more fun to find music in your collection, listen to radio, and explore the Xbox Music catalog
  • Search is always accessible – just start typing! A new way of showing results makes it easier to find what you’re looking for
  • Pause and play with a single tap from the new always-visible playback controls
  • Snap the app and have fun multi-tasking while you listen
  • For quick access, find your playlists the now playing list in the left-hand menu
  • Use the Share Charm in Windows 8.1 to share any webpage to Xbox Music – we’ll look for music on it and make you a playlist
  • Manage what shows up in your Windows music library, right in the app
  • Perf improvements make it faster to start the app and get to your collection

Xbox Video:

  • Improved layout for TV show extra episodes
  • Improvements for portrait mode and high resolution screens
  • Additional minor fixes.

Download Xbox Music here and Xbox Video here from Windows Store.

  • Yehuda Lauer

    They are slowly making xbox music into the zune player… I am ok with that…

  • francoismagny

    I’m still experiencing sync issues between my Surface 2, Nokia Lumia 1020, Desktop and web playlists. I also wish I could add songs to my playlists from Windows Phone. I’ll take any improvements tho.

  • himura_kenshin

    I wish they’d make up their mind as to whether “Release Year” is a sort option or not in Xbox Video. it seems like they keep adding it, then taking it away, then adding it back, then taking it away again. I just don’t get it.

  • James

    A solid update! Looking forward to more :-)

  • himura_kenshin

    Oh man … killer new feature in Xbox Video. It now has the option to show only HD Purchase information (you used to have to click on the Buy Now button to find out the pricing for HD and SD), or you can switch to showing only SD pricing (for the cheap people who don’t care about video quality).

  • panagiώtis

    They need to make their services available to more countries. With Apple I can buy books songs apps and movies in Greece while with Microsoft only apps. You don’t expect people prefer a program of you don’t support their countries. And for God’s sake world is not US only or UK or Canada and Germany.. Apple and Google got it right why not Microsoft? Same thing with bing. Bing is nice in US and some other countries but when I try to search something the results are not even close to google in greece.