Xbox Music App For Windows 8/RT Devices Updated With New Features


Along with the updates for Mail, People and Calendar apps, Microsoft has also released an update for Xbox Music app for Windows 8/RT devices. The new update which is now available in Windows Store has many improvements and bug fixes. Along with the performance improvements, Neowin noted the following features in the update.

There’s now a separate volume control for Xbox Music, which allows users to turn down the volume of music playing on your device independently of other system volumes. The app has also received a few more settings, such as the option to have all songs added to Xbox Music available across your devices, as well as the option to add matched songs to your cloud collection. Finally, there is also a new now playing interface to have fun with.

Find the update in the Windows Store.

via: Neowin

  • the person

    not enough!

    • Franki86

      I agree that it’s still not nearly as nice as Zune was/is but it’s a lot better than it was at this time yesterday :-) I hope they keep updating the app and making more incremental releases.

  • Christoffer DrPepper Lundberg

    There needs to be a separate section for Smart DJ Mixes, like on the Xbox 360.. It is ever so hard to locate my mixes now that I have over 50…

    • Mike E. Delta

      “Did you know..?” If you tapped any of the words above these sections it would open up to a whole section devoted to the title of said section, with all the associated sections within…and more? 😉

    • Jonny Rose

      Click my music, then you can select on the left hand side either, Artist, Album, Song, Playlists or SmartDJ… All your Smart DJ mixes are in that separate section there.

      • Christoffer DrPepper Lundberg

        Yes, I discovered this moments after posting… how ironic 😀
        Now my only gripe is that the DJ Mixes themselves do not contain the artist you are basing the mix on. I’d like a mix of both that artist AND similar..

  • Richard Tallis

    I will have a go later and hoping it is much better!
    My music collection is a mess now thanks to this software. If I’m confident things have improved it may push me to start sorting it out again!

  • Tirinti

    It should be updated with worldwide availability. Microsoft is loosing money by ignoring potential customers.

    Zune player would heve beaten ipods in Europe, but stupid Balmer made it USA only when Americans love Apple.

    Here in Poland Windows Phone have 16% market share the biggest in the world. With XBox Music and Video support it would be 50%.

    • Vysoké Podpatky

      Agree. I am pissed off as well. I don’t understand their policy with the Xbox Music Pass availability/unavailability in countries like Czech Republic, Poland, Austria etc. while Apple and Google is able to provide similar services here. Also I don’t get it, why the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack is not available here but is in US, GB or Germany.

  • koenshaku

    I still find them not rebranding zune and building on top of it quite retarded.

  • arrow2010

    So what’s still missing?

  • Jonny Rose

    From reading what was updated in this, I was expecting to be disappointed, but its MUCH more. Its finally good!!! There are letter jump lists in my music, there are loads more details when searching for music like, related artists. It all feels like it should, I am no longer missing Zune, this works how I expected it to in the first place! The only thing I have yet to test, is if its auto Metatag updating cocks up the tags in music not purchased from Xbox Music.! Over all I am very happy now. I had completely stopped using it before.

  • Opio Christian Daniel

    I am in Uganda, East Africa, i was able to update the Mail, People and Calendar this morning, however i don’t see the update for Xbox Music or Xbox yet, I wish Microsoft could make the updates available worldwide, by now, it should realize that the it’s money will be coming from outside US.

    • DKJr

      No worries man it’s actually there. Just updated it in Uganda. Just open the store, swipe from the right for the Charm bar then select settings. Select App Updates then select Check for Updates. Should appear.

  • Mark Matheson

    How about an Xbox Video app and Blink Box for WP8? Both would be very welcome.