Xbox Music App In Windows Store Updated With UI And UX Improvements

Xbox Music app Windows Store
Xbox Music app just got updated in Windows Store. This update brings some improvements to UI and UX of the app. One of the most annoying design element has been changed, the shuffle and repeat icons now appear directly on the playback bar. Read all the changes below.
Key updates include:
  • When there’s enough room, the shuffle and repeat icons appear directly on the playback bar – no more need to dig in a pesky menu!
  • You can now grab the folder path for songs in collection (select one and choose Properties) so you can find them quickly in File Explorer
  • It’s easier to tell what’s playable when you’re offline and what isn’t – particularly on an artist page!
  • With a child account it’s more clear when content is explicit and can’t be played

Download Xbox Music app here from Windows Store for free. To see which features are available in your region, go to the Xbox Music feature list at

  • xxcorpxx

    I need to be able to sort and remove duplicates. Please either make it possible to copy my music from my playlists to my Collection so I can sort and cleanup and then create new clean playlists or make sorting and dup checking possible within playlists.

    Or better yet, just check for duplicates by Song Title and Artist Only. I don’t want the same song from 5 different albums/singles. Then at least ask me which one I want to keep or keep all.

    • Guest

      As i’m writing this I do realize that i can drag and drop my music into My Collection. That is something at least. Now i have some cleaning to do! :)

  • Fritzly

    May I suggest adding “For W8” in the title?