Xbox Music App Only 50% Complete; More Features To Come

The Xbox Music App has been redesigned in Windows 8.1.  The main focus of the app in Windows 8.0 was discoverability, the focus has now been shifted to playing music quickly from your own collection.  The new new Xbox Music app will feature a navigation column on the left side significant performance enhancements.  Other features include:

  • Built-in Search: You’ll have faster access to your favorite songs, artists and albums with an in-app “Search” bar.
  • Improved Collection Management: Simple access to your music starts in the “Collection,” where the music that you’ve saved in the Xbox Music cloud and your local music and will be at the forefront of the app.
  • Streaming Radio Stations: “Radio” will offer seamless creation of new streaming Internet-radio stations based on artists you like and will give you faster access to your favorite Radio stations that you’ve already created.
  • Exploring the Music Store: “Explore” will take you into the Music Store where you can browse millions or songs, artists and albums.
  • Lists of Playlists: Your custom playlists will be available at a glance to quickly begin playback or make edits, and your playlists will continue to seamlessly sync to your other Xbox Music devices—like Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 8.

“Smart DJ” has been renamed to Radio. Bing search is now integrated with Xbox Music. Using Windows Search, you will find musicians, bands and artists presented in a rich field of content, including top songs, albums, videos, images and relevant Web pages. If you select a track from the song list in the Bing results, it will immediately begin playing in the Xbox Music app.

Windows 8.1 Preview is obviously a beta product and more features will come when the final version is released.

The redesigned Xbox Music app in the Windows 8.1 beta is just a preview of what’s to come. In fact, it’s only about 50% of the new features that we’ll be adding. We’ve got lots more from Xbox Music in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for regular updates.


Win 81 Screen  Playlist Win 81 Screen  Exlplore Win 81  Screen  Collection
Source: Xbox News

  • redtidal

    Just add network drive support already!

    • Marcus Bastian

      Did you try to add it to the music library?

      • redtidal

        Yeah, doesn’t show up in XBox Music. In Zune, all music on NAS loaded into collection without problem. I did a search, it says to make XBox see the songs on NAS, you have to make them available offline, which means basically you have to create duplicated copies. Not what I want.

  • MessiaaH

    Previously you could not add network drives or SD cards to the music library. In Windows 8.1 you now can. So on my surface pro, im now able to play all the files from my SD card in Xbox Music, THANK GOD!

    Cant wait to see the new features. I’d love some sort of Wasapi / Bitperfect playback in xbox music, until then i’ll have to hold onto Jriver for serious music sessions.