Xbox Music App For Windows 8.1 Gets A Significant Update

Xbox Music App Windows Store

Xbox Music app in Windows 8.1 preview today got a significant update with new features and many improvements. There is now a better welcome page, better performance and more. Find the full change log below.

  • Pause, play, and scrub with a single tap from the new always-visible playback controls.
  • Manage the folders in your Windows music library directly from the app.
  • See a new welcome page on first launch of the app.
  • View the full discography of an artist by popularity or year released.
  • Simplified Now Playing works better in portrait and in 50:50 views.
  • See which songs you already have in your collection when looking at an album in Explore.
  • More smoothly open the Xbox Music app after selecting to ‘Play top songs’ or ‘Explore album’ from a Windows Search result.
  • Improved performance loading and panning your collection.

Download/Update Music app from Windows Store here.

via: Windowsobserver

  • Mark

    They have finally released that hidden playback controls were not such a good idea, even if it’s taken them a year.

    • Kevin Rush

      What are you saying? “not a good idea even if it has taken a year”. ??? So you think the hidden play back control are not a good idea, even if it took too long to release? What??

      • arrow2010

        The point is that the product managers are finally realizing that hidden elements are not a good thing for the UX.

        • Emily the Strange

          ehmm orrr you mean for stupid people who doesnt seem to find them, just like start button? 😉

          • arrow2010

            Good thing you are not employed as a product manager at Microsoft.

      • Emiel Zuurbier

        I think he meant ‘realized’ instead of ‘released’.

    • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

      A year???? This is a dev version dood.

  • vmxr

    now it feels like a mix of desktop app & modern app instead of full touch experience app

  • arrow2010

    So I wonder why XBox Music on Windows 8 has media scrubbing, but Windows Phone 8 doesn’t?

    • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

      Windows phone 8 seriously took the music player downhill. Which is so strange cuz the 7.5 was promised the more Zune like experience, but 8.0??? NO! they dropped the ball on that one. Which is super sad cuz the original Zune player from the mp3s was freeking awesome, serious and music lovin.

    • Emiel Zuurbier

      Maybe this could be added in WP8.1? Not a lot of features are known yet for the upcoming update.

    • Basil Irwin

      What did your buds on Neowin say when you made the same point only posting as CygnusOrion?

  • Asgard

    Hmm… Music stops playing if I put the app to the background. Is there a way to make it keep playing like in WP?

    • auziez

      shouuuuullldd keep playing, i would think.
      maybe some of your settings need to be changed?w

    • Emily the Strange

      it always play for me even on the background, if you have a keyboard with volumen controls you can even go next song, pause, play etc etc (like on WP when you press volumen buttons) so you dont even have to pin the App next to your desktop, or something to control it.

    • Robert Seemann

      same Problem. ever found a solution? I did not run a clean install of 8.1, i upgraded it from 8.0

  • DKJr

    I like the new look but Music Info app still better in some ways like detail Artist Info, more albums from artist and Similar albums list. I rather like the unhidden Play, Pause idea – better now. Also happy that I can finally view, play and easily add music on my MicroSD card.
    What I still really miss is lyrics? This should come as standard option.
    But, definitely a huge improvement from the old app.

  • stlbud

    Music discovery in the Xbox Music Marketplace is terrible. I have to go back to Zune Desktop to find anything. Once they kill off Zune, there won’t be any place to turn. I just hope they fix it soon.