Xbox Music Gets Its First Exclusive Single

Artists have released songs as ITunes exclusives for many years now and it looks like Microsoft is starting to play the game too.  For the next 14 days “A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES,” by Linkin Park will stream exclusively for 14 days on Xbox Music.  Microsoft explained the collaboration in further detail on the Xbox Wire.

The catalyst for this relationship was gaming.  Years ago, our band had legendary Xbox tournaments on our tour bus playing “Halo”—competitions which often included fans and other bands.  As our career has progressed, we have always been attached to gaming, and eventually got opportunities to participate in the space.  We’ve enjoyed partnerships with “Medal Of Honor” and EA over the years, and even released games on our own (this month, we’ve released a new free-to-play Facebook game entitled RECHARGE.)

Gaming and Xbox, however, were just the introduction; it wasn’t the thing that got me interested in Windows.  Recently, my band mates and I had the opportunity to release a fantastic piece of music-making software that we co-developed for Windows called
Stagelight, which takes full advantage of touchscreens on Windows 8 devices.

I mention these things not to shamelessly promote them (although that’s a beneficial side effect!), but really to establish the perspective from which the band sees the next stage in our career.  In working on Stagelight, I was introduced to Microsoft in a way that was surprising and intriguing.  With new Windows devices that come with touchscreens, I saw a potential for the future of music writing, recording, and mixing–I envisioned these computers as the hub of the studio environment, augmenting or replacing the classic mixing consoles that currently eat up the studio space.  As we met various people at Microsoft, I was inspired by the passion and creativity behind their innovations.

A reoccurring theme in Linkin Park’s music is the relationship between technology and humanity.  Besides being the nucleus of the method in which we write (our writing, recording, and mixing processes are software-based), this theme has surfaced in lyrics of our songs and sometimes the
video experiences that follow.

Technology is a part of our band, and we are fittingly hungry for innovation.  We can’t wait to find out what’s beyond the old-generation concepts of “album,” “song,” “game,” “tour,” and “video,” and we’re proud to be a part of the wave of artists stretching out to discover new territory.  We see our partnership with Microsoft to have the potential of finding new ways of creating, sharing, and experiencing things together as a community.  It’s my hope that through new technologies like Xbox Music and Xbox One, we’ll be able to develop immersive, innovative experiences that give the fans the very best experience.

Stream the music here: new song

Source: Xbox Wire

  • Yuan Taizong

    It’s actually great to see Microsoft have exclusive music partners, I’m personally getting sick of all the Macintoshes, Macbooks, iPods, iPhones and iPads that dominate music video clips, I can’t watch T.V. for 5 minutes without thinking that I’m watching an Apple commercial, this makes me like Linkin Park even more, great to read that there are some Microsoft fans in the industry.

    • Pookiewood

      Not to mention the Free Press Apple gets just in the news. I was Watching the HPL and they were ragging on MS for buying Nokia and called it an old brand. Then they mentioned it would be like if they decided to buy Motorola (Uhh Google bought Moto). All from sitting behind a Mac Laptop of some sort.

  • James

    Yay!!!! Big names :-)

  • SategB

    Cool I didn’t even realize that band was still around…or is that earlier nu metal rap stuff makining a comeback?

  • WixosTrix

    Linkin Park has been extremely popular among the Zune/Xbox community for forever; Like #1 at least since 2007. Anyway, this is great and I really hope the continue to promote this service like this. Also, they need to update their store daily, not just on Tuesdays.

    • Jarrod Justus

      Hi Edwin.

      • WixosTrix

        Hi Jarrod. Lol