Xbox Music now going live all over the world


Xbox Music app will come pre-installed on Windows 8 and will offer its services in 22 countries for subscription music and 15 for free streaming.

With Windows 8 set to launch in just a few days the service is now going live in multiple locations around the world.

Chriss from Norway has dropped us a line to let us know the app has been lit up in Norway, where he now enjoys unlimited streaming.

Xbox Music will offer a catalogue of over 30 million tracks, and will allow users to make playlists, discover new music, and purchase and download music.

Has the service gone live in your area? Let us know below.

Thanks Chriss for the tip.

  • allan

    Denmark running.

    • Alex

      Did you get an update from the store?

      • binlid1

        Yes, an update for Music app in Store will enable XBOX Music if supported in your region.

      • Daniel

        just re-install the app

  • seb

    Running prefectly in Germany! :)

  • Kristijan Sašilo

    No Music, but Croatia just got Xbox 360 Games support… :)

  • joop

    anybody knows which 22 countries that are

  • pws

    Working in Switzerland!

  • ANAS

    not yet in Saudi Arabia I get the update

    • Beezer

      I think you’re hoping for a little too much there. You need to have some movie theatres, and legal music shops to at least hope to have music/video work there.

  • Carlos

    Running in Spain

  • Jared8504

    XBox music seemed to be running in the US as well. I got an update this morning on my laptop running Windows 8 Pro. I noticed that some of the songs had a little cloud logo next to them, but I can’t figure out what this is for yet.

    • pws

      the cloud means that the file was not downloaded locally… but can be streamed….

  • Randy_Giles

    been running this since the morning in the UK

  • John Hough

    Running in the USA

  • binlid1

    Live in IRELAND!
    Feck yeah! :)

  • Andrew Whewell

    Working for me but I keep getting an error, cant sync xbox music cloud? anyone have an idea what that is about, other than the obvious?

  • WimHoek

    XBox Music working in the Netherlands including streaming.

    • Kevin Bulthuis

      dat is niet zo of wel bij xbox nog niet

  • Karthik ST

    works in India :)

    • hardcode

      Can you get bollywood music? or Any regional music?

      • Karthik ST

        no, you still have a few Indian music that was there in zune

        • Mayank G

          Hi Karthik, im not able to access xbox music.. can u pls explain me how did u do it?

    • Mayank G

      Hi Karthik, im not able to access xbox music.. can u pls explain me how u did it?

  • Daniel

    not yet in Austria

  • Morten

    I live in norwat, but can’t find the app in windows 8. Where do i find it? I also updated my Xbox 360 today, and xbox music seems to be removed. Someone knows anything about this?

  • Morten


  • micha_el33

    Unfortunately some songs only have a preview version. They can’t be streamed as a full version and can’t be added to My Music. You have to purchase those songs to listen to them in full length.

  • Michael

    Austria works too! On win8 working, no WP7.5 and no Xbox

    • Daniel

      ??? not on my pc. Win 8 Pro RTM

      • Daniel

        re-install helps 😉

  • Niklas Möllberg

    Live in Sweden. Even found brand new Swedish music in the store. :-) !

  • Jens Veraa

    Don’t think it’s available in Belgium. Is also is not on my Windows 8 pc.. WIll I get it automaticaly , download .. ? How ?

  • Beezer

    Haven’t noticed anything different on my Win 8 machine running with Canadian region. I’ve always been able to select an Xbox Music Pass option. Are you guys able to select the free streaming option?

  • Scubadog

    I’m assuming you at least have to have the RTM version of Windows 8, since there haven’t been any Store updates for those of us running the Release Preview.

  • Hermes Neto

    Nothing to Brazil, as usual.

  • XBOX

    Listening to Coldplay here in Australia :)

  • poshhub

    What countries have Xbox Music service?