Xbox Next coming in 2015


In what would be an unprecedented move, it appears Microsoft may be planning to release the next Xbox game console all the way in 2015, a full 10 years after the release of the Xbox 360.

While a 10 year life span for a console is pretty usual, this is usually when the current generation co-exists with the next generation, like the PS1 and PS2, or PS2 and PS3. Even now, while the Xbox 360 is at its height of popularity, its hardware is aging, which can only limit the quality and performance of games in the near future, and widen the gap between console and desktop gaming.

On the other hand, gaming has taken a turn towards the fun rather than immersive, meaning that consoles such as the Wii which does not even feature HD video, is still competitive.

There is however already rumours that the next Nintendo console is expected t be announced at E3 this year, and one would hate for Microsoft to miss a generation on consoles, like they have in tablets and phones.

The hints of the 2015 date comes from a Web portfolio of Ben Peterson, talking about collaboration with Microsoft’s IEB Design group investigating future user experiences and hardware for 2015. Microsoft has also been hiring hardware designers for a next generation console recently, but 4 years to release is a bit long.

Read more about the leak at ZDNet here.

  • Bnlf

    i really doubit it.

    • rsg1

      Yeah, same.

      No way it’ll be that late.

      • Guest

        No way they’d let iPad get a two year head start on them. Oh wait…

  • guess

    I’m doubting the current Xbox has 4 more years of life in it as well; if they are in fact announcing it at this E3, it wouldn’t make any sense to release it 4 years later. 2013 sounds more reasonable.

  • Guest

    Intentional misinformation?

    • Guest

      Maybe. But they’re not known for their strategic misdirection abilities. I also can’t remember the last time they release something earlier than expected. Invariably it’s anywhere from 6 months to four years late.

      • Bob

        Well, for the current gen, the X360 was released a full year earlier than the PS3 giving them a major head start. Sony really struggled to get their console out and MS beat them to market comfortably.

  • w1ngnut

    Well, that also may be understood as if they were researching specs for 2015 so that a console released in 2013 is still up to date by then. My bet is 2013 too!

  • GP007

    Nah, too long, 2013 makes way more sense.

  • Anonymous

    It needs to release earlier than that.

  • Guest

    Sounds about right for MS. They need it no later than 2013. And it will arrive in 2015. That’s actually good for them, just two years late.

  • Anonymous

    The economy can’t support anything but a very extended console life span.

  • Anonymous

    The design, research, development and production timeline for something of this scale would put it close to 2015 I would think.

    Also, MS would not want to repeat the RROD issue due to rushing a product to market.