“Xbox On” Voice In Microsoft’s Own TV Ad Triggering Xbox One Consoles To Switch On

Aaron Paul Xbox Ad

With Xbox One, customers can make use of the Kinect sensor to control their Xbox One console with voice. One of the basic command available for users is “Xbox On”. If an user tells “Xbox On”, Xbox One will wake up from sleep. Microsoft has recently released a new TV ad featuring Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul in which the actor will be using this command to switch on his console. The strange thing now is that Kinect sensor recognizes Aaron Paul’s “Xbox On” from TV ad as a genuine command from its owner and getting switched on by itself.

Lots of users experienced this case yesterday and tweeted about it.

Read more about it below.

via: Neowin

  • cave man

    following the 2013 E3 announcement of X1. I was at home watching the product videos on my 360 & during the presentation they were issuing commands for “xbox bing…” xbox start internet explorer” “xbox pause” etc and I had to turn off the Kinect to finish the video!

  • Avatar Roku

    I don’t understand why these people aren’t running the TV through their Xbox One HDMI-in. That is one of the best features of the console. Every time you are waiting in a lobby for a game to start or for a game to install/update/load it is really nice to be able to jump into or snap TV. Using SmartGlass for the channel guide and Kinect to jump to channels by name is really cool as well. This new BrazilNow World Cup companion app is really cool as well.

    • http://scalevate.com/ PoohGQ

      Same thing I see on Windows Phones. Folks avoid linking their Microsoft account & spend all their time calling me to ask why they can’t get the same rich experience I enjoy..!

  • SocalBrian

    Sony should do a commercial where they say “Xbox Off” somewhere in the dialog.

    • ZappyKins

      Cause that wouldn’t be trolling at all.

  • http://scalevate.com/ PoohGQ

    LMAO.. I would like to see that!

  • Bob G

    Now I know how my grandparents feel during Clapper ™ commercials…

  • Ruufus

    Xbox, “Kill All Humans!” Seriously, I love the TV HDMI pass thru feature. I only use the Xbox voice control but my partner can still use the traditional cable company remote control.