Xbox One Beats PS4 Sales In Australia; Fastest Selling Video Game Console In The Country Ever

Microsoft is still remaining quiet on Xbox One sales, however, numbers released from NPD show the Xbox One winning the first sales round in Australia. In fact Microsoft’s Xbox One has been crowned the fastest-selling video game console to date in Australia, as its key rival, Sony, struggled to fulfil pre-orders for the PlayStation 4.

Market research firm NPD Group said a total of 65,917 Xbox One consoles were sold in its first three days on sale in Australia, more than doubling the ­previous launch record for the ­Nintendo Wii in 2006, and beating out previous records for number of consoles sold in a week.

Australia was among the 13 launch countries for the Xbox One.  Sony launched the PS4 a week after the Xbox One’s availability in Australia.  The Japanese entertainment giant said 700,000 units had been sold in Europe and Australia.  The company would not break out local sales, but industry sources told The Australian Financial Review Australian sales of Sony’s device fell short of Microsoft’s across the same period a week earlier, primarily due to the company being unable to ship enough ­consoles to meet the number of pre-orders at bricks-and-mortar retailers.

Source: Australian Financial Review

  • deathdealer351

    Sony has focused on the EU

    • NGM123

      Sounds like a fair excuse.

  • kalval

    It’s mainly supply related I think. You can still buy an xbox one here from just about any ebgames or jb hifi, but ps4 is out of stock everywhere. Now I understand why Microsoft limited the launch countries, there is no point in having to support such a wide range of countries if the number of sales in each country is very low due to stock issues. In the countries Microsoft has launched in the launch has been MUCH smoother than the PS4 in the same country, with stock available without preordering/queuing. Sucks for those not in launch regions though.

    • auziez

      I wish I am where you are, I literally checked every shop in my city…. and its a big city as well… Nada, nothing in stock. People I have talked to have been searching as well.
      It’s just weird is all, how they allocated them…. I’m in Canada though, ive heard numerous people in the US saying they have plenty of stock :(
      Anyways, as much as ps4 may be more powerful… I think the xbox one will be better choice in the long run.

      • ZappyKins

        Even though I would say the Xbox One is still in it’s infancy, I think it will be a great console and entertainment system. I’m surprise how quickly little things like saying, “Xbox, volume up” or instant switching become what you expect.

  • tropolite

    Overall I’m happy with my Xbox One Day One console.
    A bit disappointed and quite confused as to why only 5 initial release countries (Australia not be one of these 5), have been left out of getting the “Xbox On” capability even though all the rest of the Voice Command integration works very well for me. Also no initial enabling of the OneGuide for FTA and or Foxtel.(even though there is a partnership in the connectivity between Foxtel and Xbox 360.
    Other than those – great console! Having a blast playing Marvel Super Heroes at the mo.. its a riot!

    • Bugbog

      I presuming it’s a language issue?

  • SCAM

    That is so funny. I saw a Pizza hut ad the other day saying their giving away a PS4 every hour here in Australia… Suppose if no one wants them they will try and give them away.