Xbox One Can Power Up And Log In Under Just 13 Seconds On Your Voice Command

This is really impressive! Major Nelson today posted a short video showing how Xbox One can power up and log in your voice command. In just 13 seconds, Xbox One was able to power up and log in to the home screen. First, it listened to your voice command through Kinect to wake up the machine, then again it used Kinect’s skeleton tracking/facing recognition to login to your personal profile. And all under 13 seconds in just an impressive thing. If you are more into privacy issues, you can as usual power on your Xbox One using your controller.

Watch the video above.

Source: Major Nelson

  • donzebe

    Very impressive.

  • Rico Alexander


  • Mark Gibbs

    Nice, does it turn on the TV and the receiver as well ?

  • annalisedyy264

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