Xbox One Coming to Japan on Sept 4

The Xbox One is currently only available in 13 markets, primarily in North America and Europe. Sony on the other hand has launched the PS4 in over 54 markets and this has helped the company sell 2 million more consoles than the Xbox One. However in the coming months this will soon be changing.

Microsoft is expected to launch the Xbox One in 26 new markets this fall. Today the Redmond software giant officially announced that its gaming console will launch in Japan on September 4.

Historically, Japan has been a challenging market for Microsoft and continues to be so. Sony’s is headquarted in Japan and remains an extremely popular corporation within the company. However, Microsoft continues to try to push into the market due to the number of game developers in the country.

Source: Microsoft Japan

  • Code Weed

    Microsoft should release a new Xbox if they want people from other countries to buy it. The desirability factor for a console that is one year old is close to zero and most of the early adopters went with PS4. I wanted to buy one, but waiting for Xbox one till September feels awful.

    • Bugbog

      Ah, but for countries where they’ve already purchased the PS4 (or it was their first inclination anyways), the space gap will enable people the ability to save up for another console again. That or they’ll just be ready for a new experience now having exhausted that of the PS4.

      • Code Weed

        I am really doubt that !!! to be honest.