Xbox One Day One Edition Sold Out On

Xbox One, the largest online shopping site in US has revealed that it has sold out Xbox One Day One edition console. The Day One console includes a commemorative controller, token code to unlock an exclusive Day One achievement, and premium packaging at no additional cost.

While Day One edition of Xbox One is sold out, you can still order Xbox One Standard edition, but shipping date is based on availability and it is not guaranteed at release date.

Check out Xbox One listing page on Amazon here.

  • clay113

    I know there will be talks of, well how many did they have to sale to start off with. Still I’m wiling to bet it wasn’t just some small fraction, and this bodes well for recovering from the launch issues they had with DRM.

    • Daniel ‘sRc’ Cheney

      as I recall, they had sold out once before early on after announcement, then got an allocation of a whole bunch more so probably a fair amount

  • BIAS

    I hurd pple saying things like “xbone ain’t selling” and yet….

  • Agosto Nuñez

    I hope that a lot of Xbox LIVE games and Xbox LIVE Indie gamers will be shipped to Windows’ Games for Windows – LIVE built-in app for Windows 8, so the app store will offer more games, since the Xbox One already has a huge user-base, it’ll attract a lot of game-devlopers, thus they’ll produce Cloud-based downloadable games (some for free) and these could enrichen the P.C. ecosystem.

  • MMalik

    Amazon over sold xbox one say one edition- took customers payment and is now replacing with standard edition- not good business!

    • Zack

      Amazon didn’t Run out of Xbox One Day One edition- it sold a lot more than what they had—bait and switch??????