Xbox One Games Will Sell At £49.99 In UK

Forza 5 Xbox One

During the announcement about Xbox One, Microsoft revealed that the first-party Xbox One games will cost $59.99 in the U.S. And today they have confirmed that the UK pricing will be £49.99. In the UK Microsoft Store Online website, no. of upcoming Xbox One games such as “Ryse: Son of Rome”, “Dead Rising 3” and “Forza Motorsport 5” are all listed at £49.99. This should put some speculations about cheaper Xbox One games to rest. Also this pricing not so surprising,  as it is same as Xbox 360 title prices in the UK.

What do you think of pricing?

Source: Microsoft Store UK

  • J88NYr

    Hmm… I though they were staying at the same price… So they should be £39.99… Why as PC games get more advance and cheaper, do console games get more expensive. All I can say is digital copies better be cheaper.

    • brooza खरोच

      They are the same price. 360 games RRP is £50, but nobody sells them at that

  • Yuan Taizong

    I hope they’ll make cheaper Cloud-gamers soon (–_–)

  • James Waymire

    Not sure why there was speculation that the initial prices would be lower than the current gen. They had said that the DRM, etc… was hopefully going to lead to eventual price drops like on steam. Not that day one prices would be lower. Especially now that the DRM plan is dropped…

    • nohone

      On a number of web sites there have been a bunch of Sony fanboys who were claiming that Xbox One games were going to cost $100. Their justification for this was that Amazon had placeholders for both PS4 and Xbox One games, and listed the price as $100. Amazon, when you preorder something, will give you the lowest price and rather than price the games at $20 and take a $40 loss, they put it up artificially high. So the Sony fanboys used this as “proof” that Xbox games were going to cost $100. When it was shown to them that PS4 games were also listed at $100, they decided that this was just a mistake on Amazon’s part, that they got confused and were using the Xbox price for PS4 games because Sony would never do anything like that to their users, but Microsoft would. When it was shown that some Xbox One games were also listed at $60, again it was Amazon’s fault, that they mistakenly assigned the PS4 game price to Xbox One games.

      It is not a matter of debating what is really happening, it is a matter of making up whatever lies you can to try to prove Microsoft is screwing the customer.

      • NGM123

        Amazingly sony are the kings of DRM and screwing their customer base with ridiculously over inflated pricing for crappy proprietary products, supplying nasty root kit viruses and the like, yet I am staggered at the level of defiance and over the top zealousness being displayed by the latest sony troll patrol.
        Bend over and touch your toes, here comes sony.