Xbox One Is The Only Game Console Listed In Toys “R” Us 2013 Holiday Hot Toy List

ToysRUs Xbox One

Microsoft’s upcoming entertainment console Xbox One has become the exclusive video game console on the Toys “R” Us 2013 Holiday Hot Toy List and one of the Fabulous 15 Hot Toys for Holiday 2013. The Toys “R” Us Holiday Hot Toy List provides parents a guidance on the toys which should appear on children’s wish lists as the holiday shopping season gets underway.

 “Identifying the toys that will make the Holiday Hot Toy List is no easy feat. It’s something we take great pride in – ensuring that the toys named with this distinction are truly the toys that kids from all corners of the country will be most excited about,” said Lisa Harnisch, Senior Vice President, General Merchandising Manager, Toys “R” Us, U.S. “All 36 playthings named to this year’s list were chosen because they’re undoubtedly HOT, from Cra-Z-Loom, one of the most buzzed-about items this season, to Xbox One and tabeo e2, which are generating a ton of excitement before they are even available in stores. As kids begin scribbling their wish lists to Santa, parents can feel confident that with the Toys “R” Us Holiday Hot Toy List in hand, they have the inside scoop on what will help make their kids’ wishes come true this season.”

Microsoft is launching Xbox One in the US and 12 other countries in November third week.

Source: Xbox

  • Yuan Taizong

    This is great news, this will surely help Xbox One sales, Microsoft has trusted a lot on this console.

    • BeastlyRig

      lol as good as ps4 is doing I am sure MS paid for this to happen.. PS4 is dominating… Moms will not buy the $500 box they will get the doll.

      • MSFTmanJosh

        Ok. Then you don’t know the people and parents who walk into Toys R Us these days. They will buy the Xbox

      • kreator

        XBO FTW!

  • mantas

    It’s because the PS4 will be sold out and they will have exactly ZERO stock.

    • NGM123

      The POS4 will take off with a hiss and a roar until everyone wakes up and realises it’s only a PS3.5. Same old console, just s f*ck load more expensive and for what FFS ??.
      X Box FTW

  • Walnuts

    Typical … You will always get more advertising in America for xbox …. But ps4 preorders are ahead by almost 2.1…so hopefully Sony will beat xbone for the third time in a row in sales

    • avi

      2:1? so, you’ve got the official numbers, then?

      • Dayum
      • cell989

        Amazon confirmed, so has Gamestop, and I think its above 2:1

        • nohone

          No, Amazon said they were not giving out numbers of consoles sold. What people are using as “official” numbers that “prove” PS4 is selling more preorders is Amazon put up a online poll asking who do you support more. Yes, Sony won that poll. But if you think that poll has any truth to it, then you know nothing about stats, math, facts, etc.

          Then, when the X1 preorders were first announced, it was #1 on Amazon consoles list – but this did not count because Amazon’s rankings are not scientific (look at sales of WP was the example). When PS4 preorders were announced, it then took over the #1 spot, and suddenly the Amazon rankings was relevant again and showed who was really winning the console wars. When the X1 took back the Amazon rankings, it was, once again irrelevant and not fair because there were multiple versions of the PS4 while only one version of X1. Remember when having multiple versions of the 360, or multiple versions of Windows, or Office, or any other Microsoft software/hardware was bad? But when Sony does it, it is good.

          For Gamestop, those numbers was one individual store where an employee was asked how many PS4 vs X1 were being sold. He said something like “Uhhh, I guess PS4 is selling twice X1.” There was no official numbers from the company, just one guy guessing – and to Sony fans that means all stores are selling like this and proof that Sony is winning. I could find anecdotal information like this to prove the X1 is winning. For example, I could walk into a Microsoft store, ask how many X1 vs PS4 they are selling, and it would be 10,000:0. Therefore, Microsoft wins!!!!

          As for VGCharts, I stopped reading them when it became an overtly Sony site. Know how people complain that this site is too focused on Microsoft and is not fair to other companies? VGC is like that, but in Sony’s corner of the fight. They routinely make predictions that put Sony way ahead of Microsoft, and then when real numbers are released by Sony, Microsoft, as well as analysts, VGC will quietly adjust the numbers and then claim they were right all along. They have been doing this for years, and people take their predictions as truth, while ignoring actual numbers.

          • ZappyKins

            That had the PS3 head of the Xbox 360, or nearly so, a few years ago, then realized they had to ‘adjust’ a few million consoles, opps lol.
            I’m hoping after launching and people actually see the games it will balance a little better. Some still call Kinect a failure – as if 20 million+ sales is a fail.

    • NGM123

      LINK ???!!!!

  • alchemistx24x7

    I gotta believe there doing the same in Japan..ooops maybe not since ps4 is not available in Japan till 2014, but thailand, Hong kong, Singapore, China,Europe and America get there ps4

    • nohone

      Hey now, we will have none of that talk. Microsoft not making their products available in every country, in every language, in every dialect, that shows that they are out of touch with the customer and don’t care. Sony not shipping to all countries, that is a good thing because it means that they are trying to give people enough supply so there are no shortages. And, according to other posts here, it is a sign of the despiration of microsoft because they need to pay people off to buy their console.
      So no calling one company out for doing what another does, because you cannot apply the same standard to both companies.

      • lindin loubeau

        Lol bingo

      • Ronny Bryant

        Whatever you say, but I WILL call Sony out for not being able to ship their console in their OWN damn country!!! That is simply a FAIL!!!!

        You (and Sony) can try to spin that conversation anyway you like. Not releasing on day one in YOUR country = FAIL!!!

  • Rikikrik

    PS4 has one big problem. It could not outsell the Xbox. Another big problem for PS4 is that Kinect is far superior to Sony’s Eye. And third is that Xbox One cloud technology is far superior to Sony’s. Sony is just trying to play catchup.

    • bigshynepo

      PS4 preorders are way ahead of xbox one. Plus PS4 is launching a week earlier, $100 cheaper and in more than a dozen additional countries. This next gen belongs to Sony already.

      • nohone

        All the same things were said last gen. The PS3 was much more powerful than the 360. Nobody was buying the 360, while people were waiting even with the numerous and lengthy delays of the PS3. PS3 had better exclusives such as GT3. Nobody wanted a 360, while everyone wanted a PS3. Analysts predicted the PS3 to double 360 sales within a year, and never look back. Nobody wanted a console from Microsoft. Microsoft doomed the 360 because it did not have a blu ray drive, no guaranteed HDD, no Cell processor, and it did not have the PlayStation name. People would be willing to get two jobs to buy their PS3.
        And yet, even with Sony’s big name in gaming, they ended up neck and neck. PlayStation fanboys who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

        • MTR

          They ended up neck and neck… but sony has the lead… while their console was on the market 1 year LESS then the Xbox…… I rest my case 😉

          • krayziehustler

            In the US, 360 has been #1 for a long time.

        • Ronny Bryant

          ANNNND…. let’s not forget, Microsoft did ALL of that ON TOP of having one of the biggest console FAILS with the RROD!!!

          My conversation is NEVER going to be about the PS4 not doing well, it will do EXTREMELY well – but for those PS4 fans who like to trash Microsoft, like nohone said above, you’ve been here before. You danced that dance and you sang that song and Microsoft even managed to get in the Guiness Book of Records with freakin’ Kinect… how did THAT even happen?!? LOL

          Point is, all your trash talking happened before and it’s happening again… FOR NO REASON – you’re NOT going to affect sales, you’re just talking out your asses!

          • Terrence Aybar

            I’ll take a RROD over getting my account information stolen any day.

        • bigshynepo

          You forget yourself. The Xbox 360 launched way earlier at a price $130 dollars lower. Sure, pundits saw the PS3 as the “more next gen” console but development issues allowed the Xbox to steal the limelight. It wasn’t until the price drops and the intro of playstation plus that negative articles about the PS3 seemed to stop. This gen, everything is different. Sony is way more streamlined as a company, the PS4 console is releasing sooner and cheaper than the xbox one and microsoft shot itself in the foot so bad with their policy flip flops that global preorders are much much higher for PS4 than the Xbox. That and they are launching in almost double the countries.

          I wouldn’t say I’m a fanboy, I have preorders on both consoles, but I know how to call a winner.

      • NGM123

        Sony will tank. The PS4 is just a PS3 with a new grill is all

  • bakasora

    Eeww its disgusting.

  • ZappyKins

    Oh, poor WiiU. Not invited to the party in only it’s second Holiday.

  • Truth kills paupers

    Excellent! No $0N¥ PauperStation for US kids! They don’t want poorly made gook stuff anyway.


    It’s cause the PS4’s are already sold out, and they won’t be available.