Xbox One Launch Begins, First Unit Sold In New Zealand

First Xbox One Customer World

New Zealand is the first country in the world to launch the Xbox One due to its time zone. And the world’s first Xbox one was officially sold to a customer named Dan. Xbox New Zealand posted the above photo of Dan receiving his Xbox One console. Xbox One releases for retail sale on Friday, November 22, 2013 in 13 markets around the world. Microsoft has planned thousands of mid-night launches across the US to celebrate the launch with Xbox One customers.

  • BIAS

    Ah. I see Dan has the ladies too…

    • efjay

      I guess Dan IS the man!

      • BIAS


  • PS4

    Dan stood in line for 3 days to be the first to get the first Xbox One. That’s 548 days + 3 days that Dan’s personal “controller” hasn’t been touched by anyone but him!

  • BoxerUno

    That smiling face will soon be me!!!!