No Ad-supported Streaming Of Xbox Music For Xbox One Owners(Updated)

Xbox One Xbox Music

Xbox Director of Product Planning Albert Penello confirmed on Twitter that Xbox One owners who are Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have access to free Xbox music streaming supported with ads. This is similar to free music streaming on Windows 8 PCs and But this differs from Xbox 360, where users must hold an Xbox Live Gold subscription ($50/year) and an Xbox Music Pass ($10/month) to access the streaming service.

We are not sure whether there will be a limit for users to 10 hours of free music streaming per month after six months, and you can pay a monthly fee to get unlimited access.

Update: Albert today tweeted that he was wrong about the above information. Free ad supported streaming is not coming to Xbox One.

I was wrong about Music on XboxOne: You get 15 free song plays then need Music Pass for ad-free streaming. No ad-supported streaming. Sorry!

But don’t forget, Xbox Music supports Play-To of all your music directly from your PC.

Source: Albert

  • The1nChicago

    Maybe MS should have done the FREE Streaming service for Xbox One owners. This would have been a nice move since the Xbox One has been receiving a lot of negative press as of late.

    • nohone

      Actually, Sony has been the one getting the bad press lately. Missing features as simple as music playback, no CD support, no ability to plug in any external device such as a USB key drive, no streaming media from a home network, games that have problem keeping up framerates, promised features that were cut at the last minute, features as simple as Blu-Ray and DVD playback that you need to ask Sony to enable, and much, much more.
      Just like with the PS3, there were a lot of promises Sony made but did not keep. And while Microsoft had a lot of bad press, they got that over with at the beginning. Sony waited until all the pre-orders were made and a week before ship and then they told people what cannot be done with the PS4.

      • The1nChicago

        I agree, Sony was not forthcoming with the PS4’s shortcoming. I was just stating it would be a nice addition to the Xbox One.

  • counterblow

    Give XBO day one buyers a 1 year XBM Pass just like they did with the Surface.