Xbox One Receives Official Price Cut In UK From Feb 28, Now Costs £399.99

Xbox One Titanfall UK Bundle

Microsoft today made it official that Xbox One will receive price cut in the UK by 30 pounds. Xbox One console now costs £399.99, just £50 more than Sony’s PS4. FYI, Xbox One console comes with Kinect HD. Along with the price cut, Microsoft also announced a new Titanfall bundle. To celebrate the future of multiplayer gaming, this new Xbox One Titanfall bundle includes the all-in-one entertainment system, custom packaging, a full game download and a month of Xbox Live Gold. All these at the same £399.99 price tag. UK customers can learn more about it here at

US customers, Pre-order this bundle from the following links.


  • LexicoRed

    Sad to hear, it redirects the rumores that the XBox One sales died after the holiday season.

    This is going to increase the pressure to sales off xBox assets over the coming months.

    • Bugbog

      Lowering the cost by £30 is hardly earth shattering?!

      • FuriousOne

        Reduction of £30, also giving away what was supposed to be a £60 game! That’s a pretty desperate reduction. Also a cheap ploy to make Titanfall successful in sales numbers?
        Although it’s great if you were already planning to get the Xbone! Also a big Kick in the teeth for those early adopters!

  • FuriousOne

    Oh dear! Have Microsoft given up already, price reductions 3 months after release?