Xbox One Shooter ‘TitanFall’ Leaked; Cloud Gaming Details Revealed

The July issue of Game Informer seems to have been released a little early with information regarding an Xbox One mech-shooter TitanFall inside of it.  NeoGAF member Catman86, who received an early copy of the magazine, summarized highlights from the article:

  • – Xbox One, PC
  • – Xbox 360 version developed by someone else
  • – Planned to target current gen, but realized that they couldn’t run it
  • – Started to look into next gen and the answer they got from Microsoft intrigued them
  • – They said they needed to focus on fewer hardware. In the future they are open to more.
  • – Plan to use Microsoft’s Cloud for dedicated servers and physics and AI calculations
  • – Spring 2014 Release Date
  • – Source Engine. Building new engine = too much time.
  • – Source gives them 60 fps
  • – Modified Source
  • – “Rewriting major portions of it”.
  • – Going for a District 9 or Blade Runner vibe.
  • – Integrate memorable single player moments into a multiplayer game.
  • – Progression system. No details yet
  • -Smartglass Integration
  • -Some level on Kinect Integration

So it is interesting to note that the game will use Microsoft’s cloud to for dedicated servers and physics and AI calculations.

“What Xbox One lacks in RAM, it potentially makes up for in cloud computing.” -GI Talks about how the game will have unlimited dedicated servers for the game, offloading “a few dozen AI” and physics, says the game would be impossible without the cloud and wouldn’t have attempted it. Still dealing with unfinished hardware and software, so it’s “still a little rough going at times.”

It was also discussed whether the PS4’s 8GB DDR5 RAM (compared to the Xbox One has 5GB of GDDR3 RAM) gives the console a significant advantage over the Xbox One.  The developers state that they’re having trouble even using the 5GB efficiently with all the new architecture tricks. That is to say, even if they had 8GB they wouldn’t know how to use it properly at this stage of development.

I suspect we’ll have more information revealed at E3.

Because sure to read the full forum post at NeoGAF with much more information on TitanFall.

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  • Walshicus

    If you’re saying the XB1 has 5Gb of RAM then you can’t say the PS3 has 8Gb. They both have set amounts dedicated to non-gaming functionality.

    • Deodorant

      The 3gb deficit is to do with the kinect alone. Highly doubt PS4’s inferior camera will require that much with its lack of tech and functionality compared w the kinect. MS should pull a last minute thing and bump up the 8gb for consumer models.

      • JNate

        I don’t think the Kinect accounts for the 3GB. Remember that they say the X1 has 3 OS running. I believe 1 is the main and is for games, the 2nd for other apps and interface, the 3rd for switching quickly between games and apps

  • luis3007

    Using Microsoft cloud for support calculations means an always online requirement, don’t forget that if you plan to buy this!!

    • caywen

      Ok, I won’t. I have no idea how I will enjoy games and other things on it knowing that, *gasp* the Xbox is connected to the internet *gasp2*.

    • SteveyAyo

      In case you missed it ALL games on the Xbox One will require internet connections to play (at least every 24 hours to ping into a server)
      Of course my Xbox hasn’t been disconnected from high speed internet in roughly 5 years so I don’t care.

    • techieg

      There is no always on “requirement”, there are always other options built into software if one option is not there. It is a supported feature if there is internet connectivity.

    • tallgeese1

      I wonder how many people in the U.S., which happens to be the Xbox’s largest market, have broadband internet already connected to their Xbox – for at least the last 5 years? Hmmm?

      Do you detect my deep and heavy sarcasm?

  • Lucas

    Do you know if XB1 GPU has some GDDR5 memory?

  • chuck

    Where is the 5GB ram coming from, I thought it was 8?

  • chuck

    Also, why no mention of the embedded ram that the Xbox One has?

  • chuck

    Found the following concerning the Xbox one embedded ram. “Depending on how the eSRAM is managed, it’s very possible that the Xbox One could have comparable effective memory bandwidth to the PlayStation 4”