Xbox One Surprise: Call Of Duty: Ghosts And Battlefield 4 Runs Only On 720p


It’s a kind of bad news for Xbox One gamers. Two of the launch titles for Xbox One, Call Of Duty: Ghosts And Battlefield 4 will run only in 720p and upscaled to 1080p resolution. This is in contrast with Sony’s PS4 on which CoD: Ghosts will run on native 1080p and Battlefield 4 on 900p.

Mark Rubin of CoD franchise tweeted the following,

Hey, been on the road last couple weeks so haven’t had a chance to update, but wanted to confirm that for Xbox One we’re 1080p upscaled from 720p. And, we’re native 1080p on PS4.  We optimized each console to hit 60 FPS and the game looks great on both. Still on the road, but glad to see the great reception to Extinction.  Can’t wait for next week’s launch.

Yesterday, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry reported that Battlefield 4 does not run on 1080p natively on both the consoles and often dropped below 60 fps. Even though Battlefield 4 was on 900p resolution in PS4, it lacked details.

“[T]he actual results on PS4 lack the corresponding level of crystal clarity we’d expect of such a significant resolution boost,” Thomas Morgan of Digital Foundry writes. “This should surely be a home run for Sony’s console, but what is likely to be a software-based upscale to 1080p delivers less-than-stellar returns, and for better or worse leaves the Xbox One with an often crisper looking, albeit much more aliased image.”

“What is curious is the level of ‘pop’ given to the Xbox One’s textures, where – bizarrely – artwork often seems to be more detailed than on PlayStation 4.”

What do you think of this situation? Should Microsoft be blamed for 3rd party titles running at lower resolutions?

Source: Mark Rubin, Examiner

  • krayziehustler

    The answer should not be to blame MS but blame the creators of BF 4. If they cannot reach 1080P on either platform, its their problem as other developers can get their games to run better

    • pdexter

      Though Ryse will also run on 900p.
      First party Xbox One game. Just saying.

      Also both of these platforms are X86 now.

      • krayziehustler

        Some 360 games at launch ran at 540P. But still, MS doesn’t make any games. They are the publishers. compatibility should be the responsibility of the devs.

  • lubba

    what does it mean to upscale?

    • jaylyric

      The simple answer is that it is a process that simulates a lower resolution to a higher one. The process manipulates the original image by computing and trying to add the missing details from the original resolution.

      • lubba

        So what does that mean for the

        sake of quality? Any change or difference in comparison to native 1080p?

        • Mark Firemoon

          Depends on what you call quality.
          Visual fidelity requires a lot of processing power to achieve 1080p native. You need really large images and complex geometries. The computational power required to deliver such a pretty picture goes up exponentially with every increment.
          Yes, there will be a loss in visual fidelity as the delta between native and upscale increases.
          Technically 900 upscaled to 1080 “should” look better than 720p upscaled.
          It’s like stretching a video to fill your screen.
          Some people care more about the overall experience than pure visual fidelity.
          To me, quality is a consistent framerate with a comparable visual fidelity while providing a consistent experience.
          All this tells me is neither vendor can produce a piece of hardware at this price point that can offer a “Native” experience for current display technologies using existing techniques.
          Once game development techniques improve, the resolutions will as well.

          • lubba

            Thank you for info. But would this be a disadvantage for Xbone.

          • Abraham Soto

            The thing is that the PS4 build is running on higher resolution and is maintaining better frame-rates than the XO. So if they downgrade the PS4 to 720 the frame-rate, textures and everything should be better on the PS4.

      • lgriao

        They get 720 and stretch to 1080, things like menu run native 1080.

        Sorry about my english.

  • nohone

    Uh, oh! You wrote something about PS4, but you did not write about how great it is; how it will make the life of people much, much better; how it will cure cancer (wait, wasn’t PS3 going to solve that with folding support?); and just plain improve humanity for the better. Queue the list of people complaining how biased this site is.

    • Guest

      …Whiny fanboy…Pot meet Kettle

      • SategB

        Your comments are even stupider than mine. Which…hardly seems …possible.

        • nohone

          See, eventually we would find something to agree on :)
          I kid – your comments are not “stupider” (OK, maybe using the word stupider does make them stupider) just sometimes misguided

          • Guest

            Did you enjoy your little session of non-intellectual masturbation?

  • jaylyric

    It’ll probably look very good on both systems anyway.

    • MSFTmanJosh

      That’s what I’m saying. Graphics are only one piece of the game. Let’s just enjoy it

    • koenshaku

      or very good and just good..

  • auziez

    “What is curious is the level of ‘pop’ given to the Xbox One’s textures, where – bizarrely – artwork often seems to be more detailed than on PlayStation 4.”
    enough said,

    • Bugbog


      “The actual results on PS4 lack the corresponding level of crystal
      clarity we’d expect of such a significant resolution boost”

      • Mark Firemoon

        DX vs OpenGL?

  • J88NYr

    That would explain the jaggies and why Battlefield 4 looks so bad when I played it at Eurogamer, although COD:Ghosts looked pretty good tbh, a little jaggie in places though, other games like Forza 5 though looked absolutely stunning.

    • Johan Spånberg

      Look at the comparson video… BF4 looks ALOT better on the Xbox One.

  • Abraham Soto

    All the BS about Balance was a PR stunt. This generation Sony will dominate the platforms games. The MS console should be cheaper than the Sony. It should cost 300 and 400 with Kinect. It is 50% weaker than the PS4 and cost 100 more.

    • nohone

      Over the past few days we have been told the
      “more powerful” console will not be able to play CDs, MP3 music, not be able to stream A/V to the device from a home network, not be able to play DVD nor Blu-Ray unless you get authorization and extra DRM from Sony, and more. These basic features are missing from the PS4 and somehow that makes it better? Remember how when MS said you would need to download software to play DVDs and it was treated as the end of the world, but Sony specifically disables many common features, and it makes it “more powerful?” Imaging what were to happen if Microsoft disabled playing MP3 in Windows, people would be outside Redmond with torches and pitchforks.

      • koenshaku

        For one why are you comparing a PC to a console your point is moot. A/V streaming to the 360 was worthless. The average person would faster plug their cell phone into their entertainment system or use DLNA from it to their television. Codec support for the 360 was atrocious at best they updated xvid and divx support then removed it a year later. This has nothing to do with gaming and the fact that is becoming quite obvious that the PS4 has 30-40% more compute performance to the xbone.
        The point it if I wanted a stream server I would likely buy a $80 western digital stream server that would play almost every format I need. If I bought a gaming console I would look to games and graphics performance take off your fanboy blinders for a moment acknowledge it for what it is. I am a fan of neither system at this point, but your comments are becoming increasingly ridiculous.

  • SategB

    None of this baby boy xBox vs PS4 fanboy BS matters anyway when you do some adult analysis and see the console business is going to have its last hurrah over the next few months. It too is getting kicked by mobile will be irrelevant.

    • nohone

      see, now there you go again being stupider

  • koenshaku

    When consoles traditionally came out generations behind pc hardware pc games flourished. I look forward to seeing this happen again in fact if recent titles on steam are anything to go by it is already happening I will upgrade my aging AMD 6970 GPU and enjoy PC gaming all the more 😀

  • Mark Matheson

    If Ghosts runs on 360 / PS3 at same resolution at Black Ops 2 (880×720), the fidelity on the Xbox One will be 45% better and PS4 will be 227% better (PS4 fidelity is 125% better than Xbox One).
    Sure, upscaling may skew these figures a little but that’s a pretty damning result – even if Xbox One can’t match the PS4 I’d have expected a much larger improvement between 360 and One.
    Microsoft have some nice exclusives around launch, looking forward to Dead Rising and Spark but they better keep providing interesting and unique games throughout its life and not rely on old faithfuls like Halo and Forza otherwise between this resolution debacle and the typical quality of Sony exclusives, Xbox will be screwed!
    And bring back Kameo!

    • Matěj Gottwald

      You cannot compare graphics quality only by resolution. I can play the same game on low or high quality settings (with different quality of textures, effects, objects, particles, AA and so on), therefore even on the same resolution it will look dramatically different.

      • Mark Matheson

        Do you really believe there will be that much more going on in XO Ghosts that would justify such a poor resolution increase over the 360? I don’t – and 7 years of graphics cards improvements is a long time – expected more.

        • Matěj Gottwald

          You are still forgetting one important thing: the 7-years-old consoles have GPUs that don’t support certain effects and technologies (DX9 vs. DX11 + physics and advanced particles). On Xbox One and PS4 (and on PC) these effects and technologies are genuinely represented in full precision, while Xbox 360 has to remove them or replace them with something a lot simpler that will look similar.

          For example look at the comparison of what the games look like in large, outdoor environments. The X360/PS3 versions have totally blurry textures, almost no vegetation in the distance, there is generally no sharpness at all and every shadow/light effect is either missing or only “fake”.

          • Mark Matheson

            I submit to your superior knowledge on the subject and I am not cancelling my XO order but my limited understanding is still more than most and most people will understand numbers over texture quality and particle effects. The numbers in my initial post suggest XO is barely an improvement over the 360 and significantly worse than the PS4. There lies my concern.

          • Matěj Gottwald

            I understand most of the people are thinking like “720p on Xbox 360, 720p on Xbox One – where’s the difference?”. That’s why I think the 1080p is so important (at least in the beginning) because that’s the only simple way to demonstrate any progress other than tech talk.
            But right now both consoles suffer, they don’t deliver 1080p in most games (3rd party), only in 1st party games (and not even in all of the cases).
            Anyway, the games will look significantly prettier, detailed, bigger and crisper than ever, that’s for sure. And in a year or two, once developers get to fully understand and utilize the technology under the hood, it will be even better.

  • reKitab

    Not many TV screens support high res..


    I only want to play titanfall anyway.