Xbox One: The Official Console Of The NFL

With the NFL (National Football League [American]) season officially kicking off tonight (Ravens @ Broncos 8:30 EST on NBC), Microsoft has released a commercial on its YouTube channel reminding fans that the Xbox One isn’t just for gaming but an entertainment device as well.  The ad highlights Microsoft’s partnership with the NFL, highlighting fantasy football features as well as the exclusive interactive broadcasts.  Notably Skype was also shown off, emphasizing Microsoft’s devices and services strategy in the living room as well.

Any predictions on who will win the game tonight? Give your prediction with a score in the comments below.

  • Yuan Taizong

    It takes more than mere sports fans to dominate the entertainment market, Microsoft’s deal with Time-Warner is closer to that than this, Microsoft needs to integrate top-box features into the Xbox One, Steve Ballmer was on the right track going to Hollywood and asking major T.V.-Companies to work with him on the future of T.V. I really hope that his successor will put in at-least as much power.

    • Rico Alexander

      Yeah, I think this is what will sell consoles outside its hardcore nerd fanbase.

  • grs_dev

    Big fucking woop!

    The smart thing would have been to release the damn device in time for kick so that people could have actually done what the commercial suggests they do, but that would be too logical.

    • Rico Alexander

      You don’t know much about the video game market do you. You think you can just snap your finger and have millions of consoles manufactured and ready to ship with games to play on it.

      • grs_dev

        Excuse me? Lol microsoft has had how many years to gear up for this? Please. If you’re gonna argue at least make a point.