Xbox One Titanfall bundle Now Costs £349 in the UK, Matching PS4 Retail Price


Amazon (UK), Asda, and other British retailers have slashed the price of the Xbox One Titanfall bundle by £50 to £349.  At launch Microsoft charged  £429 for an Xbox One but soon dropped the price to £399.  This new price of £349 is the exact same price point a standard Sony PS4 is sold at today in the UK.  These price drops are not totally unexpected.  With the Xbox 360 Microsoft slowly dropped the price of the console as the years went on eventually matching the Nintendo Wii $250 price point.  However, this is bad news for Sony whose price and international availability of the PS4 have been major selling points of the console.

For context, some approximate price conversions based on today’s market:

  • £50 = $83.68
  • £349 = $584.12
  • £399 = $667.80
  • £429 = $718.02

via Video Gamer

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