Xbox One Won’t Allow Users To Manage Their Console Storage


All new Xbox One comes with 500GB internal storage which is not removable and upgradable too. Microsoft also revealed that the support for external storage won’t be available at launch. From the reviews of Xbox One, each big next generation game after installation takes about 50GB of storage. So, basically you can install about 10 huge games at a time on your Xbox One. One of the glaring omissions on Xbox One OS seems to be the storage management. There is no overview page where you can look at the storage space remaining, which game is taking more storage, etc,. It seems Xbox One OS itself will do the storage management somehow.

Neowin spoke with Microsoft and got the following response,

Xbox One was designed to make storage management automatic. For saved games, settings, and other information that Xbox One customers save to the cloud, space is virtually unlimited. On the internal hard drive in each Xbox One, games and apps can be uninstalled or reinstalled instantly with the click of the Xbox One menu button. Saved games and settings information is retrieved from the cloud for any game as its being reinstalled. By being smart about how storage is managed, Xbox One keeps everyone playing, watching, and sharing their entertainment content rather than worry about limitations. You can also see how much storage any app uses by pressing the menu button on that app.

Source: Neowin

  • GetEdumated

    “games and apps can be uninstalled or reinstalled instantly with the click of the Xbox One menu button”

    Sounds like storage management to me…

    • poken1151

      Mmm, Limited. It’s like saying uninstalling and installing applications in windows is storage management. But what about moving files, copying directories, making folders, swapping out your hard-drive. If all ones ever done to manage data was install/uninstall then that’d not count as storage management to everyone. More closer to application management.

      It’s probably a strike of the IsolatedStorage stuff of Windows 8, 8.1 Phone 8. Which I think, personally, sucks.

  • MrJukes

    Misleading title much?

  • SocalBrian

    “All new Xbox One comes with 500GB internal storage which is not removable and upgradable too.”


    Perhaps “All new Xbox One comes with 500GB internal storage which is not removable or upgradable.”

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Just wait a year, and they’ll have it.

  • Duk3togo

    So how much cloud storage will the ONE have for free?? If it uses SkyDrive then its only another 7 gbs. Can anyone shed some light on this please.

    • nohone

      X1 will have unlimited cloud storage. From Microsoft:

      Xbox Live offers Xbox One unlimited storage space in the cloud for all Xbox Live members to store numerous types of Xbox Live content, including your profile, games, Achievements and entertainment. This content is stored and saved in the cloud so you can automatically access it anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are.

      • GetEdumated

        Only GOLD members will get this if it’s like the 360.

        • nohone

          Like the 360? The 360 has this without a gold subscription.
          I know you were trying to be funny, buy you are flat out wrong and perhaps you need to be “Edumated”

          • Guest

            Thank you, I am starting to understand that most gamers who are hard core fanboy of either side have a unhealthy, an almost pathological need to prove themselves to be important.

            Makes me wonder where all that pain comes from…

      • Duk3togo

        Thank you for the info.

  • Emi the Strange

    it will be automatic… and not everygame is 50gb, being 50gb for the crappy new games sounds silly anyway, you know, not even PC games are that big.
    apparently Microsoft sucks now (for other sites reporting this like neowin) becuase they now dont put a bar showing the storage? really? people always look something to complain about. also its not like Xbox One will not allow plug an external HDD son and be happy with it.

    • nohone

      The reviews are in, and in general X1 is more well liked than the PS4. Where X1 is receiving lower scores is in entirely subjective areas. For example, TheVerge took away points (even though it still won) from the X1 because they did not like the look compared to the PS4. So with the X1 winning, they need to start the campaign to make sure the PS4 stays relevant. And all they have left is complaints such as a meter control, and in a month or two, with pluggable HDDs, it will be extra irrelevant.

      The PS fanboys need to extend the smear campaign, especially in light of this quote from Gizmodo, not necessarily a MS cheerleader:

      If the Xbox One can straighten the few little quirks it has with some software tweaks, this thing is going to be unstoppable in a way the PS4 could never touch. It’s too versatile, too feature-ridden, too future. So wait, yes. But while you do, go ahead and start clearing out plenty of space underneath your television.

  • Instantcoffe

    Pretty much like Windows Phone 8 at launch… Won’t they ever learn??

    • nohone

      Ahh yes, Microsoft has a feature set that is much larger than Sony’s, Sony has cut many more features or promised features that they went back on and will not ship, but because Microsoft doesn’t have a meter control showing the amount of data being used, it is a failure.
      And would you mind listing all these promised features that WP8 didn’t have at release?

      Edit: Google just announced a YouTube app for X1, but not for PS4. It appears that the PS4 is pretty much like the PS3 at launch, only more limited.

  • nadako

    One thing that everyone is forgetting is how much space does the OS takes up. And 500GB is not true 500GB but actually 460GB. So you will only be able to use maybe 400GB for games and apps.