Xbox One’s 21 Launch Markets For 2013 Listed, Asia Launch Only In Late 2014

Microsoft announced yesterday that their next generation console Xbox One is launching in November this year. Only 21 markets around the world will have launch this year and other countries will have this device in a staged roll-out process.

Here are the list of countries that will have Xbox One in November,

  1. United States
  2. France
  3. Netherlands
  4. Canada
  5. Germany
  6. Switzerland
  7. Mexico
  8. Spain
  9. Russia
  10. Brazil
  11. Italy
  12. Sweden
  13. Australia
  14. Ireland
  15. Norway
  16. New Zealand
  17. Belgium
  18. Finland
  19. United Kingdom
  20. Austria
  21. Denmark

Microsoft is working on bringing the new device in select Asian markets – Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and India and Microsoft said that they are working on localized content for the device. Microsoft is also planning to aggressively market the new re-designed Xbox 360 console in the emerging markets to keep up the console sales.


  • leharmeerak

    just answer one question. I’m from a country where internet connection is very slow and people never connect their xboxs to internet. No one have xbox live, but a lot of people have xbox 360… how these people are expected to buy a machine that only works with an internet connection.. if this is the case its a big loss for Microsoft, since most of the asian and middle east countries will not be able to buy this console…

    • Oliver

      Didn’t you read the bit about the Xbox 360 being pushed to markets exactly like that?

      • that is stupid

        It’s like saying “Hey! We couldn’t care less about you or your country so we didn’t even think twice about not making our next product a reasonable choice for you. We see you as someone so inferior we think what you deserve is something we released 8 years ago!”
        It looks like I’m not a real Microsoft Fanboy after all, since I’m starting to consider the Playstation 4…

        • Oliver

          It’s not. Like leharmeerak said for the majority of customers in those countries, an Xbox One wouldn’t work because it would need internet connection which they don’t have. Therefore it would be an inefficient use of MS’s resources to sell them in those countries, as only a minority would buy them. You’ve got to remember that MS are a business and a very successful one at that. They need to make strategic decisions and sometimes unfortunately that negatively impacts certain customers. Not fair? Tell me about it, I have to pay 50% more than US citizens for some inexplicable reason (the converted prices never reflect the current exchange rate!). We all need to live with compromise and ultimately accept that it’s logical that some countries, particularly America, get things first.

          • davek

            I live in Hungary, Central Europe. We have a better and faster network (both wired and mobile) than UK, for example. Just to let you know. These are lower priority markets, nothing else.

      • leharmeerak

        but ps4 will work perfectly in those countries and its even cheaper. its a very stupid move from microsoft, people will see ps4 and xbox360 in the same shelves for almost same price, of course they gonna pick ps4, why would they buy an 8 year old technology…

  • koenshaku

    Most countries in Asia use cellphones for internet connection no surprises there. Good job Microsoft I expect your shares to slide a bit after this one.

    • steveo99

      erm not in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore. etc. etc.

      • leharmeerak

        what about the other 48 countries???

  • High Heels

    Well well, again… None of the Central and East European countries… :(

  • Martin Suchan

    No Czech Republic? Oh man!

  • steveo99

    Hey, MS, I’m throwing money at you, please take it!

  • WTF

    No Portugal? That get’s me really pissed off!
    I was going to trade my PS3 for a XBox One on day one, but now I will just buy what comes first.
    Microsoft is making it much harder than it should be to go for a XBox!
    I don’t get mad with “forced” Internet Connection, need to pay for XBox Live, that used games story or 100€ more expensive than PS4, but general media and a lot of people does get mad about this what will result in less sales what ends up leading to a worst experience. And don’t selling it in my country for start couldn’t help them less.
    Xbox 360 sold because it was way more cheap than Playstation 3, came out first and almost at the same time everywhere. And don’t fool yourselves, piracy helped a lot!
    Now they are doing the opposite with the One. I can’t see this end up well for Microsoft.
    I love my Lumia and my Windows 8 laptop and I’ve regretted not getting a Xbox 360 instead of a Playstation 3. So decided to save my money (saved 800€ so far) and buy a Xbox One when it was released but now I just don’t care…
    Sony or Microsoft, whoever comes faster get’s my money!

  • Albert

    Now that you have decided to region lock the XB1 my long standing relationship with Xbox is about to come to an end. As I am living in Asia now there is no point getting a new console from my home country as it will not work like the 360 does.