Xbox SmartGlass demoed with Dance Central 3 (video)

imageMicrosoft invited the Verge to see a demo of the Xbox Smartglass functionality built into Dance Central 3 for the Xbox 360.

The 2nd screen app allows participants to easily select / queue tracks and change settings in the game without using the controller, and should work on a wide variety of both Microsoft and non-Microsoft devices.

The Smartglass App is apparently finished and ready to go and will hopefully hit the market in time for the holiday season dance offs.

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  • XB_Mod

    Why does Microsoft always invite this stupid azz haters from the verge? makes them look legit when they aren’t.

    • Eric Hon

      true, but I guess the more you are nice to your enemies, they might come around to your side?? Just a theory…normally doesn’t work in geopolitical world, but could be more feasible in the tech world.

      • guest

        Yeah, I think that’s the thinking. They figure the pro MS sites will give a positive review whether MS does something for them or not. But others, like the Verge, will potentially do a lot of damage if MS doesn’t suck up. And to be honest, the Verge’s reporting has gone from openly hostile to occasional evne positive. So maybe it’s working.