Xbox Smartglass gets a new extensive video demo

imageMicrosoft has posted a press release on their new Smartglass app, which will be officially released on the 26th October.

On Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 there will be expensive integration to send currently playing media to and from the Xbox 360, and that also includes browser sessions

The app supports:

Navigation: Your phone and tablet will become the best remote controls in your house. Use the touch screen on your smartphone or tablet to control your Xbox 360 and use your devices to pause, rewind, or advance entertainment. (Available when SmartGlass launches)

TV & Movies: With Xbox Video, start a TV show or movie on your tablet and finish it on the big screen through Xbox 360; get real-time updates on the cast and crew for the film you are watching, discover related films, get unique bonus features with films from Xbox Video. (Available when SmartGlass launches). And coming next season, HBO GO’s "Game of Thrones" will offer groundbreaking Xbox SmartGlass experiences. (This is the only HBO GO program we’re announcing at this time)

Sports: While watching the game, use a second screen to follow real-time stats, player bios, news, and highlights you may have missed. All of this and more will be available for NBA Game Time (app launches 10/22, SmartGlass elements go live 10/26), ESPN and UFC in the coming months.

Music: Control your Xbox Music experience on the TV using your smartphone or tablet, discover related artists and songs, cue up additional music, read artist bios and more. (Available when SmartGlass launches)

Internet Explorer for Xbox: The web comes to TV like never before with Xbox 360 and Xbox SmartGlass. With your smartphone or tablet, pan or pinch and zoom to explore the web on the largest and best screen in the house, enjoy easy text entry with the keyboard on your tablet, and then move your browser back to your device to take it on the go. (Available when SmartGlass launches)

Games: Get more from your game when you can use a second screen. Turn you phone or tablet into a virtual GPS in Forza: Horizon (Available when SmartGlass launches). Don’t stop the dance party in Dance Central 3 by going back to the menu to choose your next song. Instead, queue it up on your tablet or smartphone (Available when SmartGlass launches). In HomeRun Stars, use SmartGlass on your favorite device to throw a surprise pitch to your friend up at bat in front of Kinect (Available when game launches). See detailed stats on how you are progressing in Halo 4, or check up on friends (Available when game launches).


Gaming: Forza Horizon, Home Run Stars, Halo Waypoint, Karaoke, Kinect Sesame Street TV, Ascend, Dance Central 3, Prima Games

Sports: NBA Game Time, ESPN, UFC

Entertainment Apps: MSN, NBC News, TODAY, Slacker Radio, NOW TV, HBO GO, Univision, Elections 2012


  • Israel

    All hail Megatron!!

  • alukard

    I’m so excited

  • Beezer

    Been waiting on them to activate that play on Xbox button forever. Also hoping we’ll be able to input website URLs from the tablet.

  • tomakali

    have xbox 360 and Lumia 800 already,
    waiting for a Surface tab and phone :)

  • Tommy Lindegaard Nielsen

    I came… 😛

    Well, smartglass can easily become for MS, what airplay or iTunes is for Apple. This is not to compare Airplay with SMartglass, but Airplay is a key unique feature of Apple devices, but with this, MS is really showing some innovation. I’m really looking forward to using it!

    • ustudio

      One difference is ms smart glass will work across os’s iPhone, android,etc

  • gopi krishna


  • jabtano

    Now this has me very excited this is something that I have been wanting to see for sometime….Good job Microsoft how can we have full MS TV and ditch Comcast…Better yet MS buy out T-MO as well too…

  • vanMiez

    what is this Karaoke game?

  • Gavin Tom

    this kind of makes me want an xbox.

  • JoshC

    Totally thought that he was holding a GS3 at the beginning

  • Reony

    Anyone notice him using the ATIV S?