Xbox vNext Codenamed Durango’s GPU Information Leaked

Two weeks back Xbox vNext’s CPU details got leaked and now the GPU block in the device got leaked today. The CPU will have
x64 Architecture, 8 CPU cores running at 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) with custom D3D11.1 class 800-MHz graphics processor which is detailed below.

It will come with the following GPU specs,

Clock rate800 MHz
Shader cores12
Instruction issue rate12 SCs * 4 SIMDs * 16 threads/clock = 768 ops/clock
FLOPs768 ops/clock * (1 mul + 1 add) * 800 MHz = 1.2 TFLOPS
Interpolation( 768 ops/clock / 2 ops ) * 800 MHz = 307.2 Gfloat/sec
Triangle rate2 tri/clock * 800 MHz = 1.6 Gtri/sec
Vertex rate2 vert/clock * 800 MHz = 1.6 Gvert/sec
Vertex/buffer fetch rate (4 bytes)4 elements/clock * 12 SCs * 800 MHz = 38.4 Gelement/sec
Vertex/Buffer data rate from cache38.4 Gelements/sec * 4 bytes = 153.6 GB/sec
Peak throughput from main RAM68 GB/sec
Peak throughput from ESRAM128 bytes/clock * 800 MHz = 102.4 GB/sec
ESRAM size32 MB
GSM size64 KB
LSM size12 SCs * 64 KB = 768 KB
L2 cache size4 x 128 KB = 512 KB (shared)
Bilinear fetch rate (4 bytes)4 fetches/clock * 12 SCs * 800 MHz = 38.4 Gtexels/sec
Bilinear data rate from cache38.4 Gtexels/sec * 4 bytes = 153.6 GB/sec
L1 cache size16 KB/SC * 12 SCs = 192 KB (nonshared)
Color/depth blocks4
Pixel clear rate1 8×8 tile/clock * 4 DBs * 800 MHz = 204.8 Gpixel/sec
Pixel hierarchical Z cull rate1 8×8 tile/clock * 4 DBs * 800 MHz = 204.8 Gpixel/sec
Sample Z cull rate16 /clock * 4 DBs * 800 MHz = 51.2 Gsample/sec
Pixel emit rate4 /clock * 4 DBs * 800 MHz = 12.8 Gpixel/sec
Pixel resolve rate4 /clock * 4 DBs * 800 MHz = 12.8 Gpixel/sec

Find more info from link below.

Source: VGLeaks

  • surilamin

    Didn’t the leak two weeks back turn out to be false information? Or am I mixing up stories?

    • koenshaku

      I think you are missing stories up this looks very legit and consistent. It will be very interesting to see these next gen consoles go head to head. The PS4 seems to have a GPU capable of higher TFLOPS per sec and with their hybrid AMD APUs doing some sort of 5x crossfire thing with the discrete GPU on the board seems to give them better specs on paper. The xbox next uses a RISC 8 core processor though which has always outperformed x86 general purpose processors in graphical performance because they’re designed for more so for physics and streaming so they always have higher FLOPS performance though 1.6ghz is a little anemic. I love this sort of thing I can’t wait for feb 20th for the official PS4 announcement then E3 so I can get all the official xbox next specs.

      • Drewidian

        I hear you on the performance specs, but the real thing for me will be the amount of RAM available for system multitasking. If the rumors are true and the XBox has 3 GB reserved for the system, it probably will have better multitasking and allow for more apps to be held in memory or at least be able to switch between the last few quicker than the suspected 512MB – 1 GB reserved for the PS4.

        I personally love what the XBox has grown into, but if the “leaked specs” are right, the XBox may be used as a cable video streaming box. They already have a partnerships with Verizon, Comcast, and DishNetworks. If in the next version, you can use your XBox as a DVR, these companies might end up pushing the XBox as their household DVR/gaming/media solution. If that happens, they will immediately be in a far better position as new cable subscribers would probably opt for the subsidized XBox over a full priced PS4 that doesn’t have access to that live content. There’s a lot of potential there and huge incentives for both MS and the cable companies to do this, and if true, it won’t matter how powerful the PS4 is. It will only have a shot at second place at best.

        • Drewidian

          They also piloted the subscription model with the current XBox to see if people would be willing to pay for XBox for $99 + $15/month for 2 years. I know of 2 people who did this, and while I’m sure its a limited pool, there’s precedent.

          If MS used Bing to search across a unified Guide/Apps for the XBox with having interactive services that could leverage quick switching to IE for opening advertisements on the console/WP/Windows 8 device via Smartglass if the user wants, it could make for a unique TV experience and ecosystem that the PS4 or even Apple TV couldn’t do. Maybe Google TV eventually could do this, but I think that’s a ways off. Right now MS has the advantage. I used the XBox to watch the Presidential debates and the interactive polling was interesting and useful.

          I’d love to see this and Windows 8/WP8 Store companion apps for the cable companies that would allow you to have access to all of this content capabilities come for on the go action. There’s a ton of potential and I think MS has their eyes on this to expand and promote their ecosystem with these capabilities.

  • Jdrm03

    if this rumor is true, say hello to 1280x720p games again.
    Hopefully, taking into account Microsoft’s tight noose around leaks lately, these are either outdated or the specs for a media device with Kinect and xbla games. You won’t be able to play retail games on it because if this is really what Microsoft considers “next gen,” curse of the third console continues.

    • Jitendra Singh

      Dont talk about windows ‘Android’ style. We know Microsoft highly optimizes their systems since the windows phone came up. The same work would go into XBOX. Why do you want a machine that has 200 cores anyway. If if does really come out, the cost would be so high, noone is gonna buy that

      • Jdrm03


        These specs don’t even match my two year old pc even if they are programming to the metal.

        Btw, I don’t care what people will or will not buy. I want what I want. I am not a shareholder or anything in Microsoft.

        I simply am a consumer that wants a console with top of the line hardware. Not something that barely is as powerful as a mid to high-mid range laptop.

  • lada

    Isn’t it just 4 “real” cores, using Bulldozer architecture?