Xbox vNext To Be Called Xbox Infinity?

Xbox Infinity

We have come across lots of reports and rumors about Xbox vNext in the past. Lots of details about the internal architecture of the device, graphics possibilities, Kinect 2.0 are some of them. Forbes recently reported that the Xbox vNext may be branded as ‘Xbox Infinity”. It will go along with the tag line “Infinite Entertainment. Infinite Possibilities”.

What do you think of this name?

via: Forbes

  • Miguel Tabera Pacheco

    Look this web. Maybe it can be from Microsoft?

    • Nick Varges

      I just inspected the site.
      Sorry, but… no way is that legit.

  • Julien

    The name sounds good, I am not sure I like the logo though. Put the infinite symbol right next to XBOX !

    • Martin McDonald

      I like the positioning of the infinite as its implying its a power of xbox as in squared or cubed

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    In line with the “8”, makes sense :)

  • p0kes

    XBox, XBox 360, XBox Infinity….
    where do you go after inifinty?? I doubt they would choose that name as they wont have anywhere else to go in terms of naming.

    • argenys

      I think that is the point. There has been many people saying that it will be the last one. There might be some serious stuff they are doing between Azure and Xbox Infinity.

      • ZappyKins

        Well, the number 4 in Japanese means death. So it’s Xbox Infinity and PlayStation Death, maybe they are to be the last ones. (I don’t really think so, I think consoles will continue to expand – just thought it was a funny.)

    • frankwick

      As long as these things stick around, Microsoft has 4-5 years to worry about the next name. Serious, think how long Xbox has been around. We are still on the second version.

  • JPDVM2014

    I really like it! But I also am not sure where they would go for the next xbox. Xbox Infinity+1?

    • LPHeadstrong

      At least they have 8+ years to figure it out!

      Had the exact same thought earlier and that’s what I concluded :)

  • peehole

    The new Xbox will be called: The New Xbox…