Yahoo apparently “open to selling itself to the right bidder”

imageYahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz, has apparently just been fired , with CFO Tim Morse being installed temporarily in her place.

The turmoil at the top may signify a change in strategy from the company, and while they still maintain they are looking for “organic growth” an insider has claimed “Yahoo is open to selling itself to the right bidder” according to TNW.

Microsoft famously attempted to purchase Yahoo for $ 44.6 billion in 2008.  The company is currently trading for close to a third of the value to a market cap of $16 billion, and while Microsoft may once again by interested, I suspect on this occasion the only segment they would be interested in would be the search business, rather than the whole company. Microsoft already had an existing deal to provide the search back end for Yahoo, giving Bing a de facto 30% US market share.

Do our readers think Microsoft should and will bite? Let us know below.

  • Anonymous

    I learned a long time ago that every company is always for sale for the right price. Following this story though I immediately tried to think of something Yahoo does better than any of their competitors and I just couldn’t. I personally haven’t used Yahoo in years. I know they still have hundreds of millions of users but they haven’t expanded beyond just the internet the way Google has.

  • Monkey D Black

    no Microsoft should not buy them. bing is increasing in marketshare every time will help them.

  • John

    They only thing yahoo does better than the rest is their fantasy sports apps.  Someone needs to snatch those!