Yahoo! Releases Yahoo! Mail App For Windows 8 Devices

Today, Yahoo! announced an updated UX for their web mail client and a new app for Windows 8 devices that you can download from Windows Store. This app features the following,


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Send and receive messages from the people you care about
  • Share photos, videos, and documents
  • Stay on top of your new messages with notifications
  • See new messages arrive right from the Windows 8 Start screen
  • Quickly scan messages in your inbox with continuous scroll
  • Multi-select messages to organize your inbox faster
  • Mark messages as favorites so you can keep track of important messages
  • Search across all email folders
  • Auto-complete email addresses from your Yahoo! Contacts as you type
  • Pinch to zoom in on a message to get a closer look

Download it here from Windows Store for free.


  • J A

    Looks like a Hotmail UI with the Yahoo! logo.

  • Julien

    Windows Phone please !

  • the person

    smooth move Yahoo. This might prompt Google to publish a Gmail client, though I’m not sure why one would want this over the Mail client we already have which can handle multiple accounts.

  • Maimuna Syed

    whats the point when you can integrate yahoo mail with the pre installed Mail App?

    • izzy007

      the Win8 Mail App is useless for yahoo mail because it don’t support push mail. It can only be set to manually get mail into inbox. That is no go for me

  • jimski27

    Why would I want a separate app for my Yahoo mail. The WP mail client is near perfect.

  • Elie KOGOUP

    is there a Yahoo Messenger App in the Windows RT Store?

  • izzy007

    does the new yahoo mail app for win 8 support push mail???

  • Brandon Carson

    keeps crashing. Lame.