Yahoo! Sports App Released In Windows Store As Lenovo PC Exclusive


Yahoo Sports Windows Store app

Yahoo! Sports app is now available for download from Windows Store, but not all of us can enjoy this app. Lenovo has released it as their exclusive app in Windows Store and it may be available for all devices in coming months.


Live scores, play by play descriptions, latest news, and exclusive blogs from your favorite sports site. We currently cover NBA, NFL and NCAA Football.


•Live coverage of NBA games
•Live coverage of NFL games
•Live coverage of NCAAF games
•Scores & Schedules for NBA, NFL & NCAAF games
•Latest news and exclusive blogs

Download it for free from your Lenovo PC through Windows Store.



  • grs_dev

    I can’t believe Yahoo! is missing the boat. They had games before anyone else had these silly online games. Why have they not released mobile versions of the same great games is beyond me. They have the opportunity to bridge between desktop and mobile in a true sense of the word. With Games, Mail, and IM…
    It’s a shame.