Yammer Introduces Browser Extension…Exclusively For Google Chrome

Yammer, which was bought by Microsoft a year ago for $1 billion, has released a browser extension which adds a Yammer tab to your browser menu, and lets you quickly share any web page you’re viewing  – just click on the Yammer icon, choose which Group you’d like to post your message into, and share your own comments with a link to the page.  In addition, as you’re browsing the web, the browser extension will notify you if there’s an existing Yammer conversation about the page. If you see a red notification number on the Yammer icon, that means that your coworkers are already having a discussion on Yammer about that page – simply click on the Yammer icon to pull out a separate viewing pane where you can view the conversation, all while remaining on the web page. You can  join in the discussion and post from within this pane.

Jimmy from the Yammer team explains why an extension was not released for IE:

We recently released a new Windows 8 app that will deliver the same functionality for those users on Windows 8 devices (whether it be a desktop or a tablet). The Internet Explorer in Windows 8 comes equipped with the Share Charm (which allows you to share web pages into certain apps – our latest release allows you to share into Yammer.

The difference between the Windows 8 implementation and the Chrome Browser extension comes down to the fact that the Share Charm is built into Windows 8 (and therefore we only had to build the piece that allowed it to share into Yammer), whereas Chrome doesn’t have a native piece that allows sharing so we built it in the form of an extension.

As with any of our features, we’re looking to see how our users use the browser extension before continuing to iterate and develop further – more platforms (such as Firefox and Windows 7 IE) may be forthcoming depending on these results.

For those not familiar with Yammer, think of it as a private social media suite (twitter, Facebook, etc.) for businesses and corporations.  The product is rapidly evolving as it is being integrated into more of Microsoft’s software portfolio.

Download the extension here!

Source: Yammer Blog

  • Gman

    And what about desktop IE? It doesn’t have share charm.

  • freshfelicio

    Why. the fuck. is. Microsoft. not. supporting. their. own. platforms!
    Skype for Android/iOS gets exclusive features, Chrome gets exclusive browser extensions, iOS gets Office and OneNote and Outlook. It’s like they are begging me not to use their platforms but Google’s / Apple’s. What brick do loyal Microsoft customers have to swallow next? Halo 5 launches exclusively for PS4? Surface 2 runs Android?

    • deathdealer351

      Ie cannot run extensions but ya it looks like your either running win8 or crome on win7-XP

    • grs_dev

      LOL! This post really made me crack up. Especially the clincher…

      I understand your frustrations. In this case perception is not reality. Microsoft did go acquisition happy the last couple of years. The time it takes to fully integrate a new acquisition is measured in years. I suspect that all these releases you’re seeing from Yammer and Skype are left over from the pre-acquisition days.

      In the case of Office/Office365 the support for those on a Windows machine was pretty robust to begin with. iOS getting Office through a web interface is not something you could be jealous of if you’re on a Windows PC or Tablet.

      They are not begging you to use their competitor’s platform, they are making sure their own customers who could be considering abandoning Microsoft products.

      Here are your typical anti Microsoft drivers:

      On one hand you have the IT guy who has been waiting his entire career to do his “Linux shall set you free” presentation, where he actually chuckles whenever a slide in his deck containing “Micro$oft” is displayed. On the other hand you have a handful of C level executives got iPads and now they want everything to be in the form of an app.

      I see their moves as a way to protect their revenue from encroachment by Google mainly and to a certain degree Apple. The list of competitors is a lot more extensive, VMware, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, Amazon, are all in that same shark tank.

      • Bugbog

        Not overtly conversant with the issue, but superficially it’s just what I thought!

  • Nedelcho Nedelchev

    Microsoft, are you understand what you are doing at all? You didnt support your ecosystem – IE , WP, WinRT, but working for Google at first? You guys really want to go to work as cleaners or what? Bill Gates leave MS when MS was strong and innovation company. For last 5 years management of MS completely go in direction of shutting down. Really, you should be crazy or f**in stupid!

  • http://www.intechchennai.com/ Naveenangels

    Is Microsoft the stupidest company on earth…. Who else prioritizes a competitors product over their own :'(

  • elpadr1no

    Do people even read anymore? The IE method on W8 is so much better than this patch.

  • reKitab

    Nice! “Do on to others, as they’d do on to you”