You Can Now Add Notes To OneNote Via Email (

Along with the major announcements about OneNote, Microsoft yesterday announced a cool new feature in OneNote service. This new feature allows you to add notes to your OneNote via email. Now, you can use any ‘Email this’ button you find online everywhere to send content to OneNote. Just use as To address and your linked email address as From address.

Email to OneNote is a great way to forward receipts, travel itineraries or documents that you want to keep track of from your mailbox. If you’re on the run and want to send yourself a quick to do, it’s hard to get faster than writing up a quick mail. Or, if you’re in an app, and want to remember what you’re seeing, you can do so quickly by sharing via email.

To get set up just visit the email settings page and select the addresses from which you would like OneNote to accept emailed content. You can also add any email addresses that are not already associated with your Microsoft account by using the link at the bottom of the settings page. If you don’t remember any of that, just send an email to and we will email back with instructions.

Source: Microsoft


  • Bruce

    Am I missing something or is it going to be really easy to spam people’s onenote account?

    • Terry Diederich

      No spam. It will only accept emails from email addresses you set up ahead of time. So I can’t send an email to your OneNote unless you specifically set up my email address as a valid address to receive from.

      • Bruce

        But what prevent websites from logging those emails for later use? Since the ‘to’ address will always be, creating onenote email lists will be fairly easy and In time I’m sure there will be plenty of valid onenote address lists around.

        • Terry Diederich

          What websites are going to be logging your address? Send emails from your email client.