You Can Now Use Email And Sync Tasks In Outlook 2013 Without Any Plugin

If you are using Outlook 2013, you might be aware of this already. From Outlook 2013, you don’t need any Outlook Connector Plugin to use email to use it on desktop. Outlook 2013 uses Exchange ActiveSync to connect to service.

In just a few minutes you’ll have the full power of the Outlook app for your personal email.

  1. Go to File | Add Account.
  2. Enter your email (or other email that supports EAS) and Password.
  3. Click Next, wait for the connection to complete, and click Finish.

Exchange ActiveSync will sync mail, calendar, contacts and tasks from your account. Yes, tasks is also now supported.

Source: Outlook

  • Smity Smiter


  • blackhawk556

    SO THIs MEANS PEoPLE wITH windows phones can finally sync with outlook with no problem right? Only outlook 2013 though right???

    • kemite 2


  • Stuart Downes

    For the life of me I never understood why the Connector was necessary in the first place.

    • kimck99

      I believe the connector was required in the past as Hotmail had a different protocol called DetalSync to maintain message synch. Given that Hotmail is Unix-based and only supports POP, to maintain message sync, the connector was the only option for Outlook – until now.

  • jamssx

    There’s a known bug in the interface in that you can’t move items from a pst to the folders. You get an error the activesync does not support it. Supposedly there is a fix coming but……. The connector under 2010 still works and allows you to do this.

  • n1cks

    Can the email notifications in Outlook 2013 be configured to notify you of a new email ‘as new item arrives’, rather than a set time period like in Outlook 2010?