You Can Now Watch Microsoft Surface Tablet Event Video

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft, the modern age MOSES with an awesome sexy sinful lusty TABLET

  • J A

    The iPad is in HUGE trouble. I really mean the iPad is DEAD.

    • Milad Bazzaz

       Unfortunetly its not…for that to happen, Microsoft needs to sell this device subsidized through carriers and also get it in retail all over the world. They sounded like they will sell this at “selected” online retailers which sucks IMO.

      People need to SEE this. If they have to go through the hassle, they just go to the store next to their home and buy an iPad.

      I want to see Microsoft do some marketing for this and also make it available everywhere…which is more wishful thinking I guess.

      • James Houston Martin

        it will be sold at Microsoft stores and select merchandisers like Best Buy.  Just like ipad.  Name me a tech product that is not subsidized.

      • J A

        Well, people are tired of the extremely limited iPad that does nto get them productive when they are not playing games or watching videos and this solves that for everyone as well as is mush more aesthetically pleasing. MS doesn’t really need to profit from the device sales itself, they have tons of services that will generate revenue for them. Office 365, SkyDrive, MS Office Suite, Xbox Live, Xbox Music, Xbox Video, etc, the list is endless. And of course carriers want to be part of the entire thing, they will subsidize and not MS, if they can subsidize the very limited iPad.

  • Edw

    it  crash and embarrass steven

    • Anonymous

      maybe if it was launching tomorrow yes, but its still in development running an unreleased operating system. And from the screens it didnt look to crash, it was just not acting the way it should.

    • Tick Tock

      You should see one Steve Jobs presentations when he was having problem with his iPad. You can’t really tell what’s going to happen it’s a machine and can do unexpected things. BTW did all of Surface tablets gave any problem, no.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone notice the 2 sexy reporters at 35:48? They looked smoking. I wonder how the presenters didn’t have a hard time focusing on their presentations!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m excited by the Surface, but I worry that the Pro edition will be launching too late.  I want to buy it this holiday season darnnit!

  • Shleets

    Can’t wait.  Love the iPad…I bought one for all my sales people and my entire family but I need to be producitive and interface with my Windows server at the office.  I’m excited to see one.