Yougov Survey finds Microsoft’s gathering good buzz with Windows 8, Bing

Chart Microsoft

YouGov has found in their regular brand survey, which asks consumers whether they heard good or bad things about a brand, that Microsoft’s brand seems to be making all of the right moves.

Since mid-October, Microsoft perception has risen from 17 to 25. Among tablet owners, the brand enjoys even better perception levels, moving from 23 to 33 over the same period.

Since Windows 8 promotions kicked in at mid-October, the Windows brand has seen its buzz score rise from 14 to 23. That is the brand’s highest buzz score since the launch of Windows 7. And with tablet users, the Windows brand rose to a 30 score the first week of November.

Even Bing is benefiting, moving from 10 to 16 over the last several weeks. This represents its highest Buzz score in over two years and coincides with Bing’s current advertising campaign.

Even in the 20’s Microsoft’s brand is still far off from Apple’s which tends to hover between 30 and 40 (though closer to 30 recently) but the trend is in the right direction, and where the brand goes, so usually does profits also.

Have our readers noticed more buzz around Windows in the wild? Let us know below.

Via Huffington

  • JohnCz

    Bing’s election Ad was a stroke of genius imo.

  • Windows 8

    Glad to see this trend, I myself have purchased Windows 8 and will buy a tablet too for my use too once it launches in my country ( in the right price and performance range )
    I want to see this go over 40 though, that would be a killing for sure.

  • disqustingtard

    Now monetise it.

  • arrow2010

    Well they are spending $2 billion to market this stuff.