YouTube App For Xbox Dashboard Now Available For Download

Today, Microsoft released the YouTube app for new Xbox Dashboard. The new YouTube app can be controlled by Kinect and it lets you to watch later, Subscriptions,  Playlists and Favorites. Even you can like / dislike a video in the new dashboard and can enable captions. Also description of the video can be read.

More info soon.

  • Anonymous

    Mine still says coming soon
    . What’s going on?

  • Anonymous

    wth….! mine says coming soon…?!

  • the person

    in what fucking country?  It is not available in the US as of 12/12/11 7:30pm.  Please don’t post shit like this if isn’t really available. Stop trying to get the ‘scoop’ and piss people off.

  • JimmyFal

    Let me tell you. To have to wait 3 years for the phone was torture. But to be served up one awesome update after another, day after day on the XBOX lately is pretty damn nice. Other than the fact I can’t search for youtube videos by voice yet, this is awesome. Really awesome. I have been firing search after search at this thing for the last hour, and it nails EVERYTHING I yell at it. I was remembering a sci fi movie I used to love as a kid. It was called “The Manster”. Nailed it. Ignore all the negatives you may here about this dashboard update, and start concentrating on what it CAN do. Very impressive.

  • Karim Languedoc

    Guys, its released for preview testers only. It should be released for everyone else in January. It really is great though. I’ve been testing it for a few days now.

  • Tito Hzar look here…. it says all the apps scheduled to come out today..

  • Caustic

    only Gold Users…. FAIL!

  • Wildcat

    Have some interface lag issues after connecting with YouTube account and using kinect. But working nicely otherwise =D. (Netherlands, gold user)

  • That guyyyy

    my friends arent testers and they have the app and have been using it i mean i can download it but it keeps saying game wount play try redownloading ive done it over 20 times and it still wount work its done the same thing for the other apps as well like syfy, epix, iheartradio, and the today show but after like 3 tries for starting(not redownloading) those apps they worked and are all working now soo im just stuck like wtf is wrong?

  • Flashek

    Fuck U microsoft Youtube is Freeee ..i..

  • Gaga-maga

    When i go to APPS it doesnt eaven show YOUTUBE , its only zune , and some other stuff , is there something i can do ? cause i really want it .. :( ?