ZDNet: Surface Mini Unlikely To Debut This Year

This is getting crazy! After so many reports that Surface Mini project is put on hold at Microsoft, @evleaks today started the discussion again that Microsoft has resumed the production of Surface Mini tablet with the expected release in Summer. Microsoft was expected to announce a Surface Mini device at an press event on May 20th. But, it never happened as Microsoft chose to announce only the Surface Pro 3 device. Later we reported that Microsoft decided to delay it for some reasons. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft was not confident that the product offered enough differentiation from the competitors to release in the market. There were reports that Surface Mini production was put on hold temporarily. While we were hoping to see Surface Mini as per @evleaks report in the morning, we have got a bad news again.

Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet reports that Microsoft is unlikely to release Surface Mini this year. Microsoft’s Office team is still working on the touch based version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint for Windows tablets and it will be released only in Spring 2015. She expects Surface Mini to be released only in 2015.

My sources say that Microsoft has not tabled completely the idea of releasing a seven- or eight-inch Surface Mini tablet running Windows. But that Surface Mini tablet isn’t likely to debut until some time in 2015 at the earliest, I hear.

I am definitely intrigued by the possibilities of a mini Surface with a pen. But I’m hearing I’ll have to wait until next year to find out if such a device really will replace my paper notebook and ink pen….

Source: ZDNet

  • Jeff Hung

    The whole Surface Mini releasing-or-not craziness might be an internal sting operation to catch the leaker.
    And obviously there are more than one given both sides of the information are leaked.

  • Bugbog

    Just goes to show that we shouldn’t put much store in all these rumours of late!
    I’ll only be commenting now on something once its been announced, no more ‘jumping’ on every shock announcement.

  • MoeHD7

    Hope this is false. MS has a big enough mountain to climb against IOS and Droid… Missing another holiday shopping season won’t help that situation.

  • cybersaurusrex

    Microsoft is a mess.

    • LexicoRed

      Simply not an accurate statement. The company is much better focused then it has been for many years. While it will be transitional over the next 18 months, it will continue to make significant profits while making some hard but be it needed decisions about some divisions. The company is now one that is addressing problems while still moving forward after to many years if ignoring reality and spinning in circle.

  • tofferne

    Yes Microsoft introduce something everyday, but for what. We have no phones, we have no updates, we are waiting and waiting, and what they introduce will only be for the few.
    When we find a phone it’s a discount model 520 or 630. Why they want to introduce a lot we never will get, but only hear about.
    It’s word from a real Microsoft fan, but a fan who starts to be tired of waiting and reading about all these new things – never having the opportunity to buy them.

    They send out 5000 phones in 8 markets / countries and forget about the rest of the world. MS please wake up you are in a terrible and sleeping mode. No products to find in the shops, and the same about equipment and service – concerning WP and Surface devices. We are swimming in shops having Appel and Android and equipment also.